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Refugees stream into Thailand as border conflict escalates

Karen villagers board a pickup truck as they flee the fighting between Myanmar soldiers and Karen guerrillas into Thailand’s Tha Song Yag district of Tak province. (AP Photo/Free Burma Rangers, HO)

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Court of Appeal orders Boonlert Buranupakorn to quit

An appeal by the president of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organisation, (CMPAO), Boonlert Buranupakorn, against the Electoral Commission of Thailand’s (ECT) earlier majority decision to disqualify his candidacy on the grounds of vote-buying, has been dismissed by Region 5’s Appeals Court.
The Electoral Commission’s original decision was made soon after Boonlert’s election victory and resulting in his being handed a ‘red card’. The court’s rejection of his appeal was based on more than 4,000 written statements, all of which were presented at the hearing on June 2 by the ECT. Three more elected candidates, Supol na Wichai, Inthorn Insom, and Mangkorn Kanta, representing Hod, San Sai and Hang Dong districts, and also accused of violating the Election Act by illegally buying votes, had their appeals dismissed.

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July celebrations and public viewing for baby panda

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New monthly networking event grabs local businessmen’s attention

The inaugural monthly Networking Event organised by Networking One and sponsored by Chiang Mai’s newly arrived AA Insurance Brokers (leaders in their field in Thailand) and the Chiang Mai Mail, got off to a great start on June 5, with over 40 Thai and farang business people from across the country in attendance.

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FERC Annual Scholarship Day Awards presented to 112 Children

Board members and guests of the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children, (FERC), recently travelled to the Region IV offices of the Department of Education for the annual FERC Scholarship Day.

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Chiang Mai FeMail
Art, Music & Culture

New Soroptimist scholarship for brilliant Ban Tawai girl

No-one could accuse us women of ‘sitting on our laurels’, particularly when Soroptimists are involved! This week’s great news was that a very talented young female scholar living in Ban Tawai has been awarded a scholarship,

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A dynasty of dancers

With a mother who is one of the three famous pioneers of Western Dance in Thailand, and a grandmother who loved to dance in both Thai and Western styles, it’s no surprise that Sophatai Kanthatham became an accomplished dancer in her own right! Brought up whilst her mother, Pornpimol Kanthathan, (now teaching at the Sangdao Performing Arts School), together with Mom Luang Suchira Visitkul and Thanpuying Varaporn Pramoj na Ayuddhaya were popularising and teaching classical ballet in Bangkok,

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