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A ‘Des.Res’. for the panda family
Chiang Mai Zoo’s snow dome opens

A charming winter scene in a tropical
setting – not the real pandas, but very cuddly replicas!

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Cabinet approves new laws on computer game control and movie censorship

Concern about the unsuitable content of an increasing number of computer games and movies available to Thai children has led to cabinet approval of proposals by the Thai Ministry of Culture. A game rating system will be put in place to guide parents in their choice of games for their children, an age-related limit will be placed on the number of hours young people can play computer games in internet cafes, and new controls on movies will be introduced. A further legal amendment and IT system which will prevent youngsters under the age of 18 years from gaming for more than 3 hours per day is also proposed.

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Royally Initiated Product sales exhibition expected to revive business for SMEs

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Chiang Mai FeMail

Thai Matters Part 2

All success in Thailand is not only a question of’ ‘the five P’s’, (as we say in Holland), Product, Place, Price, Promotion and Staff. No, it is all a matter of good luck. And the good thing is that we can navigate it. Sometimes it seems as if it only requires positive thinking. If you are positive enough, it will be OK - .a thought that in the West is increasingly finding more supporters.

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A mouth-watering culinary contest
for student chefs

Student chefs from all over Thailand have competed in a cooking contest organised by the Vocational Education Commission in association with Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, with the aim of improving the efficiency of Thai culinary training programmes. The prize was a scholarship to the Culinary School, and the events were managed by a team of experts led by the host of the Thai TV programme, ‘Happy Life’, Rapipan Leungaramrat, who was also the contest’s judge.

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Young Chiang Mai international athletics medallists celebrate victories

5 young local athletes who had represented Thailand at the 1st Asian Youth Games 2009 in Singapore and the 6th World Youth Championships 2009 in Italy were feted and congratulated on July 26 at a party held in their honour at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

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Pictured is well-known ex- Honorary UK Consul, expert ceramicist and author and long-term resident of Chiang Mai John Shaw, during his fascinating talk given to members of Chiang Mai Friends’ Group at the Just Khao Soy restaurant last week.

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