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Book Review

Book Review: by Lang Reid

A Primer of Thai Business Law (2nd Edition)

Around one year ago, lawyer and counselor David Tan sent me his book A Primer of Thai Business Law. He has now expanded and revised that book and has released the 2nd edition which he sent to me.
I began by looking to see where the extra pages were to be found and noted there were fewer pages in the new book. How? Quite simply, author Tan has tightened up the formatting, and presents this book in a smaller font size. Clever thinking, David!
This new book is just out (ISBN 978-974-300-916-7, P. Press, distributed by the Chulalongkorn University Book Service, Bangkok).
David Tan does repeat the early chapters, and repeats his warning (or should I have written caveat?) that the first three chapters can be “a bit boring, be patient, they are just the bare essentials”. These chapters cover Words and their Meanings, Partnerships and Companies and Contract. Like all legal issues, it is very necessary to understand the (legal) language within which the business is carried out.
Of particular importance while we go through this difficult time resulting from the global economic crisis are the chapters on the legalities involved in loans and another of downsizing the work force, contractors or otherwise. How to calculate severance pay is also explained.
There is an extra chapter, with the subject being “Agency” and this goes into the various legalities as far as the relationship between and agent and the client. This relationship can be expressed or implied, but has some binding legal implications for both the client and the agent, which Author Tan covers very succinctly. This section is particularly pertinent if buying or selling land/property/houses/condos through an agency.
In my review of the first book, I was critical of the fact that there were formal questions at the end of each chapter, but no answers. I stated that although this is a standard concept for teaching students, this was where the book fell down, as there were no answers at the back, just a brief sentence saying, “Kindly note that suggested answers to the review questions of each chapter will be made available from April 2009 onwards”! I can be critical no more, as author Tan has included the answers in this expanded 2nd Edition. Thank you David, and it has elevated the book to be one of real worth. Even though the questions can only be representative of the problems associated with the various sections of Thai Business Law, the answers can point the reader in the correct direction, without spending much in the way of what can be somewhat confusing, legal advice. But of course, being a lawyer, David Tan does cover his backside by saying the contents do not constitute legal advice or representation!
The new edition is in the bookshops at B. 495. Not expensive as a first line of information source when legal advice is required, and has the ability to save you very much more than the cover price. Well worth having on the shelves in your office if you do business in this country.