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Book Review

Book Review: by Lang Reid

A Magical Life, the autobiography of Lord Howard Posener

This week’s book was neither paperback or hardback, but was an e-book entitled A Magical Life, the biography of Lord Howard Posener (ISBN 978-974-642-265-9) and written by prolific author Jake Anthony in 2009. I am led to believe that e-books are the future and that majors such as Amazon dot com are investing heavily in this technology. With this particular e-book, it came from IQ Inc in CD format which I could read on my PC, though I must admit, I missed turning the pages! Perhaps I’m just old fashioned.
But back to the book, and perhaps some ‘magic’ coincidences. It seems that Howard Posener is currently in Pattaya, and anyone who has seen him perform is just absolutely stunned. He can also be seen at the forthcoming Cosmopolitan Lions Club concert evening on November 21 (tickets available from Peter Smith, AA Insurance Brokers).
He began doing magic tricks in return for homework assignments at age 6 and was obviously very creative, in a world which at that time did not foster creativity. Interestingly, being a fine Jewish boy he was taught the finer points of card tricks by a Catholic priest. Ecumenism at its best?
As his interest in magic became a very important part of his life, he began hanging around the magic stores and met many acknowledged British magicians, such as Tommy Cooper, who is afforded a complete chapter.
However, he first made his money in the initial rush of the dot com revolution, but that was not enough for Howard, who did not feel that his role as JR Ewing really suited him. And role-play probably describes that period in his life. He needed some rest and recuperation.
His next chapter occurred during his R&R in Israel, where he found himself elevated to the rank of a major star by a business friend. This resulted in upgrades to suites and opportunities to perform on television and before the armed forces. His magic career was taking off so fast, young Howard was flat out keeping up with it.
He mentions the old showbiz exhortation of ‘break a leg’ and explains how he almost did on the QE2, when the piano came adrift in the high seas.
He talks about showbiz instincts and being an entertainer, and there can be no doubt that Howard Posener does possess them. However, it is also apparent that he did have an innate talent for the art of magic, and it was not just serendipity, but he does tend to play on the luck that seemed to go his way, but reading between the lines, it was more ‘opportunities’ than luck, and he had the ability to rise to the occasions.
A very interesting biography of a very interesting person, and is a very inspirational tale and a fascinating read.
This e-book came to me directly from the author Jake Anthony, but information regarding this and other titles can be had by going to This one is advertised as being $6.95 US. If the ‘magic’ moves you, remember the Lions Club show November 21!