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Oktoberfest brings local community together for charity fundraiser

Happy Birthday Chiang Mai Mail


Oktoberfest brings local community together for charity fundraiser

Beer, brats, dirndls, lederhosen, and paper cannons open the traditional German festival with a bang


Happy Birthday Chiang Mai Mail

As Chiang Mai Mail enters its eighth year of operations, the Prem Tinsulanonda International Schools send birthday greetings! Like the Chiang Mai Mail, Prem School is a young organisation - just eight years old! - and like Chiang Mai Mail it is proud of its commitment to providing an excellent service to the citizens of Chiang Mai.
Prem congratulates Chiang Mai Mail on its past seven years and looks forward to reading all about the local, national and international news for many years to come.
Christopher Hall
Director of Admissions, The Prem Tinsulanonda International School

Many congratulations to Chiang Mai Mail on the occasion of your 7th anniversary. On behalf of the Principal of Sacred Heart College, I would like to send my very best wishes to all the staff of Chiang Mai Mail. Long may you continue to be the best quality newspaper of the northern region.
Chiang Mai Mail, New Generation Newspaper!
Sister Darunee Sripramong
The Principal of Sacred Heart College

The leadership and staff of dusitD2 chiang mai delightfully congratulate Chiang Mai Mail on its 7th anniversary. The weekly has and continues to feature our beloved Chiang Mai city’s communication, society watch, circle of friend’s messages as well as bringing the world’s news to us. Thank you for being a good friend and supporter.
We wish the collective of the newspaper the best of health, inspiration and every success in creative and journalistic endeavors.
Tarun Kalra
Guru2 (Executive Assistant Manager), dusitD2 chiang mai

On behalf of Chiang Mai Municipality, it is my great pleasure to extend my most sincere and heartfelt congratulation to Chiang Mai Mail newspaper on the occasion of its 7th anniversary.
The city of Chiang Mai has a long history for more than 700 years that still retains its own identity, and the position of being the economic, social, and cultural capital of the north at the same time. People around the world then wish to have both short and long stays here. In helping to communicate with these people so that they are better understanding of the culture and current news and events in Chiang Mai, the Chiang Mai Mail has played a vital role serving not only Chiang Mai, but also other cities in the north of Thailand.
I wish Chiang Mai Mail continued success in its ability to retain its role as the leading print media for the benefits of readers.
Dr. Ken Santitham
Municipal Clerk of Chiang Mai Municipality

Congratulations to Chiang Mai Mail on its 7th Anniversary and best wishes for its continued success.
Consulate General of the United States of America, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Michael Morrow US Consul - General

As a representative of Navy 11 radio station FM. 88.0 MHz and Smartbomb Company, I would like to congratulate Chiang Mai Mail on its 7th anniversary and the beginning of its 8th year. I hope that Chiang Mai Mail will always be at the service of the residents of Chiang Mai and the northern region.
Lieutenant Commander Tammanoon Sangkhrim
Director of Navy 11 radio station FM. 88.0 MHz.

Speaking for Chiang Mai Provincial Police, I would like to thank Chiang Mai Mail for having continually published useful news and information for the benefit of the Chiang Mai residents and the promotion of Chiang Mai’s tourism.
For the 7th anniversary of the newspaper on this October 26, I wish that Chiang Mai Mail would continue to serve Chiang Mai in the same direction as the police’s work, by keeping the people in the province updated with news and stories that should enable their well-being and safety, and I also congratulate the management team on the newspaper’s success and hope that all Chiang Mail Mail’s goals will be accomplished.
Pol. Col. Aksorn Wongyai
Superintendent of Mae Ping Police Station

On the special occasion of its 7th anniversary, Chiang Mai Tourist Police would like to wish Chiang Mai Mail great success, progressive improvement and long life, as well as firm relations and good cooperation between the newspaper and the police.
Pol. Lt. Col. Yutsit Boonklam
Inspector of Tourist Police Division 4

First of all, let me extend my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the foundation of the Chiang Mai Mail newspaper. For all those years, the Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang Mai has enjoyed kind support from the Chiang Mai Mail in publicising our activities, including the annual Lanna-Japan Festival and our grass-root grant projects.
During these past seven years, the number of Japanese residents in northern Thailand has increased at a dramatic pace, those who have registered with the Consulate-General amounting to over 3,000, and this trend seems set to continue for the foreseeable future at an even greater rate. This means that the proportion of Japanese people among the readers of the Chiang Mai Mail is also growing. We sincerely hope that the Chiang Mai Mail will continue its efforts to cater for the need of information among the Japanese community in Chiang Mai as well as among non-Japanese readers who are interested in Japan.
Between 19-29 November 2009, the Consulate-General of Japan, together with the Japanese community here and our Thai partners, will organise the 5th Lanna-Japan Festival, a collection of 15 events aimed at introducing Japanese culture and promoting exchanges among Japanese, Thais and people from any country who are interested in Japanese culture. On top of that, we will organise yet another event on 18 and 19 December 2009 with performances by a group of traditional Japanese dancers called NIPPON. This event will mark the closing of the Mekong-Japan Exchange Year 2009. Details of these events can be found in future issues of the Chiang Mai Mail as well as on our website at http://www.chiangmai.th.emb-japan.go.jp/ (Japanese and Thai only).
I must say we are very lucky to have the Chiang Mai Mail as a channel to reach out to expatriates in Chiang Mai as well as Thai readers. I sincerely hope that the Consulate-General of Japan and the Chiang Mai Mail will further strengthen our partnership in order to deliver useful information to the readers for many years to come.
Junko Yokota
Consul-General of Japan in Chiang Mai

On the special occasion of the 7th year anniversary of the Chiang Mai Mail newspaper, I’m honored and pleased to send our congratulatory message with the best wishes to Chiang Mai Mail’s executives, management, employees and concerned persons for its 7th anniversary celebration, on behalf of all the military officers and personnel of the Pha Muang Task Force.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the Chiang Mai Mail’s help in supporting Pha Muang Task Force in publicizing the news and information regarding the work of the force, as the Chiang Mai Mail is regarded as the most popular English language newspaper in Chiang Mai and the neighboring provinces in the North.
This local newspaper serves the readers as one of the main media and communication channels and we hope it will keep up its good work as the most neutral newspaper so as to meet the readers’ demands, among both Thai and foreign communities, enabling them to know more facts and information and understand our work and duties well.
On this auspicious occasion, I wish Chiang Mai Mail, the first English newspaper of Chiang Mai, and its management team and employees, a greater success, good health, prosperity and happiness forever!
Maj. Gen. Prakarn Chonlayut
Commander of the Pha Muang Special Task Force