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Underprivileged children receive a helping hand

Underprivileged children receive a helping hand

By Shana Kongmun
Baan Phonsawan Child Development Center (PCDC) provides education and development for ethnic minority children in Chiang Mai, the children that attend the center come from under privileged and marginalized migrant communities.

Anja De Jongh, owner of Import-Export Oriental Art, June Unland, and Marisa Piccioni at the Christmas benefit party for children at the Phonsawan Child Development Center. Tiger Tiger Bar, December 12.
Due to both their poverty and stateless status, these children and their families are unable to access basic services like education and health care. The goal of the center is provide the children with both the education and the life skills necessary to integrating them into Thai society and yet still retain their own sense of community and culture.

June Unland and her daughter Vianna pose with a gingerbread house on sale to benefit the Phonsawan Child Development Center, at Tiger Tiger on December 16.
The center has a day school for children who live in the local slum communities. Usually the parents of these children are either itinerant laborers who get picked up for daily work or they work as hawkers selling flowers and trinkets. If the children were not in school they would either be home alone or working with their parents. The children are picked up every morning by school bus and returned to their communities at the end of the school day. They learn English and Thai, as well as the three R’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Children in need of a supportive environment live on site at the boarding school and either attend a nearby Thai public school or the day school.
The Christmas charity party at Tiger Tiger was attended by both children and staff from the center and the local community who were there in support of the center. Presents were given, games were played, Santa made an appearance and both western and Thai food was enjoyed. Partygoers purchased raffle tickets to benefit the center, a total of 15,000 baht was raised that night.

Staff and children from the Phonsawan Child Development Center attend
the Christmas Benefit Party for the center at Tiger Tiger Bar on December 12.