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Playhouse Cabaret, review from a reader


Playhouse Cabaret, review from a reader

Dear Editor,
I wrote this review in response to the recent story about the Playhouse Cabaret in Life in Chiang Mai.
In Thailand, cabarets performed by transvestites are nothing out of the ordinary.
Their unique blend of humor, special choreography, fascinating glitter and glamorous costumes and Siamese fairy tales is equally popular with Thais and farangs.
The building that was once home to the Simon Cabaret Show, had been empty since the beginning of 2008. A pity, really, as it is located amidst hotels, supermarkets and guest houses with plenty of parking and only a stone’s throw away from the city center.
Finally the news: A new cabaret, the Play House Cabaret, would be performed here. The premiere was on 2 December and of course, we attended.
When the show started we realized that the concept was nothing like that of other cabarets in Chiang Mai. No parody, little humor, no Siamese fairy tales. Rather, it was a mix of lipsync and dance; a journey through Broadway musicals. Scenes from “Singing in the Rain“, “42nd Street”, “Fame”, “West Side Story” and other famous musicals were performed. The dancing was spectacular, the costumes beautiful. Acrobatics, water games and the lighting added spice to this interesting trial.
A silver angel on a tricycle, sometimes on a little car, led us through the program. He showed us the various musical scenes, took us forth and back in time, involved us, encouraged applause, joked, entertained. He was the star of the evening.
The stage design was not quite the same as that of the “great“cabarets but a success nonetheless. It was all very different. Family oriented and a joy. Friendly, like its people, the people of the Rose of the North. We loved it and we hope that the Chiang Mai residents and tourists alike will soon realize its appeal.
The venue is spacious, the seats comfortable, the acoustics ok. 500 Baht seems an appropriate price. Chiang Mai is no Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket, after all. We think this show needs better PR. It is a treat for music lovers that is worth watching more than once.
Yours, Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon
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