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Solution for double pricing?

Commendation for a tuk tuk driver

Traffic problems in Chiang Mai


Solution for double pricing?

To the Editor:
‘In response to Lars Sossenfield’s complaint last week re discriminatory pricing at Mandalay Club, here is an excerpt from a recent email I received from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. I encourage Lars, and other victims of pricing discrimination, to use this contact.

“Pricing guidelines for tourism attractions that are wholly-owned, funded and operated by private sector operators. Current legal guidelines on pricing stipulate unequivocally that there can only be one price charged for entrance/admission fees and that this must also be prominently displayed upfront.

Businesses are, however, granted the freedom to undertake marketing and promotional activities, and may for example legally offer non-discriminatory group discounts.

Thailand abides by internationally-recognized consumer protection practices. In the event that an individual consumer feels that they have been subject to unfair business practices, these grievances can be filed with the Consumer Protection Board for Thai nationals or the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Office of Tourism Development for visitors to Thailand.

Reporting unethical practice: Tel/Fax: +66 (0) 2216 6512. E-mail: [email protected]
I will be testing this contact very soon (and probably often!).
Ron Lister

Chiang Mai


Commendation for a tuk tuk driver

Siew and Ohm in the tuk tuk.

To the Editor:
I had cause to take a tuk tuk from the Wawee coffee near the Tamarind Village one evening and had the most delightful tuk tuk driver. Siew, who travels with her little Shih-tzu Ohm every day, was friendly, helpful, courteous and offered me and my travelling companion a very fair price. This lovely dog is well groomed, friendly and well looked after, riding with his mistress everywhere.

It is interesting people like this that make Chiang Mai a joy to visit and a place to return to year after year.
Tourist to Chiang Mai in a tuk tuk

Traffic problems in Chiang Mai

To the Editor:
My suggestions for solutions to the traffic jam problem in Chiang Mai. 

1. The police should be stricter with underage driving. If you go to different high school in Chiang Mai, many parents allow their kids who are under 18 taking their cars to school. These groups of teenagers also drive very dangerously.

2. We need to be stricter with people who do not have driver license. They should be charge very expensively if they got caught driving without driver license. There are so many people who are driving without driver license this should also help cut the number of cars on the road.

3. Car owner that are driving on the expire tax should not be allowed to drive at all, if they got caught driving on the expired tax, the police should take their cars away until they pay.

Yours, K. Boom, Chiang Mai

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