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Spyware and Adware


Spyware and Adware

By The Computer Quack
Spyware and Adware are similar in nature but slightly different in what they do. Adware is intended to force you to view advertising material even if you don’t want to.

Spyware may do several things: It may send a list of all the websites you visit, so that spammers know who you are and what kind of sites you visit. This information can then be used to target you with adverts for things that might interest you, either via pop-up web pages or spam emails.

In a more dangerous form, it can log every keystroke you make and send that to criminals who may use it to try and impersonate you, for example on Internet Banking sites.

Most spyware and adware comes from websites, with or without you seeing it, and if you have never scanned your PC for spyware and adware, the chances are you will have some.

Although good antivirus software may pick up and block some spyware and adware, there is plenty that they will miss, so it is important to have a good anti-spyware and anti-adware package.

Two packages I recommend are SpyBot Search & Destroy, which can identify, block or remove most of the common spyware threats; and Adaware Free which does the same for most adware programs.

You can download these from: