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Rachamankha Hotel hosts Networking One

Where I Belong


Rachamankha Hotel hosts Networking One

Story by Shana Kongmun
Photos by Supoj Thiamyoj

The lovely Rachamankha Hotel near Wat Pra Singh hosted the latest Networking One meeting on Thursday March 4. The beautiful courtyard garden set the scene for the event, with some new faces and some returnees. One of those new faces was the marketing manager for the Playhouse Entertainment Complex, Nopparat Kaewrat, or James as he is known. He chatted about the recent Grandma Cares/Cultural Canvas Exhibition that the Playhouse so generously hosted with other guests. Gill Saviker was another new face, she has started a new organization to sterilize street cats, she is also involved in re-homing kittens and cats. She pointed out that by sterilizing stray cats, the population would be reduced. Female cats can reproduce several times a year and can even become pregnant while nursing kittens, so sterilization is the best option for reducing the population.

Colin Jarvis (left) of ESEANA joins Ralph Van den Berg of Horeca Supply Co. Ltd and Ozzi Jarvinen (far right), Marketing of Digital Zoo at the Rachamankha Hotel Networking One event.

Kiwi, or Kawintara Singhatanakorn, the Marketing Director for the Talk Talk Language School was on hand, discussing the school on Sirimangkalajarn. Returnee David Hardcastle was there, encouraging classic car enthusiasts to attend the weekly show at Rimping Airport parking lot on Sundays. Also in attendance was Sally Ward, who enthused about the Flight of the Gibbons, saying that at first it seemed very scary but that she really enjoyed it after she got used to it. She added that she has also tried bungee jumping and that once was enough. She also mentioned the 200 Club’s upcoming August event, “Elephants and Elegance”, a fund raising fashion show to be held in Bangkok featuring clothes and bags painted by the elephants at Mae Taeng Nature Park. She said the black tie affair will be quite the show and that Gary Newitt, of AA Insurance and Mr. Moo fame was discussing chartering a plane to bring 200 Club members and guests to Bangkok for the show.

Frank Bollen, of To Be Frank, was the winner of the bottle of red wine, although last months’ winner, Gary Morrison, of the Chiang Mai University Language Institute, said he should also get one since he forgot his bottle of wine at the last event. He and Paul Scobbie discussed the origins of family names and genealogy, with Gary stating that Morrison is a well known Scottish name, originally from a very small remote island. This, he said, despite the seeming commonplace occurrence of the name now.

Elton Cole of Modern Build Asia insisted that his business partner, Zane Crosby-Emery had more than his fair share of publicity at the last event, so this month, his photo should be included instead.

The beautiful location was certainly peaceful, the food tasty and the atmosphere convivial. Leading us looking forward to next month’s networking meeting at the same hotel.

From L-R:Colin Scobbie, Paul Ealker, General Manager
of Rachamankha Hotel Chiang Mai and Pornchanok Prakobboon ,
 PR & Marketing Manager for Build Sabai Custom Home
Builder enjoy the courtyard atmosphere at the Rachamankha Hotel.

Peter smith, Director of AA Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd is assisted
by Siriporn Wongaram in drawing the winning card.

Peter Smith, Director of AA Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd presents the bottle of wine to winner Frank Bollen , Creative Director of To Be Frank

From L-R: Raya Luelai Madeline, Manager Director of Ruen Raya Resort Residence chats with Mayuree “Mam” Reunsat , Office Manager for AA Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd, Peter Smith , Director of AA Insurance Brokers Co.,ltd, Siriporn Wongaram and Panadda Inkaew, Executive Admin.& SalesManager of D.A.T.T. Co., Lltd.

From left, Gill Saviker, Project Coordinator of Cat Sterilization talks cats with Phillip Johnson, Consutant for Infocus 4 You Magazine, Annika Korall Skogman and Teresa Khongtham of Nok Em Dead Jewellery Design and Sally Ward of the 200 Club.

From L-R: David Hardcastle joins Shana Kongmun, Managing Editor of the
Chiang Mai Mail, Nopparat Kaewrat, Sales & Marketing Director of Playhouse- Entertainment Complex Chiang Mai and Nattakan Pinich, Sales & Marketing Coordinator of Playhouse- Entertainment Complex Chiang Mai in discussing shows at the Playhouse.

From L-R: Elton Cole of Modern Build Chiang Mai, Kawintara Singhatanakorn,Marketing Director of Talk Talk Language, Shana Kongmun, Managing Editor for Chiang Mai Mail, Zane Crosby-Emery of Modern Build Chiang Mai  and Gary Morrison of the Language Institute at Chiang Mai University at the Networking One meeting on March 4.

Sponsored by AA Insurance, Networking One attendees pose for a group photo.


Where I Belong

A Photo Exhibition of Children Who Have Lost Their Parents to HIV/AIDS

Cultural Canvas Thailand (CCT) proudly announces the opening of “Where I Belong,” a photo exhibition that documents the lives of children whose families have been affected by HIV/AIDS. The exhibition is a collaborative project between CCT and Grandma Cares, an organization that provides funding and support to families impacted by HIV/AIDS. CCT conducted a series of workshops for the children of Grandma Cares, introducing them to photographic technique.

Hope Watcharaprecha, Grandma Cares event organizer welcomes activist Nathee Theerarojanapong to the photo exhibition at the Playhouse Theater.

The children explored how to express abstract concepts such as “family” through this visual medium. With a camera and roll of film, each child created their own definition of family. The resulting exhibition includes over 30 photographs, which provide a snapshot into each child’s life, their perception of family, and a world shaped by difficult life experiences. The 12 photographers, aged 10-16, have each been taken under the care of their grandparents. Although the shape of each child’s family has changed, they continue to cherish those closest to them. The photographs depict both the places and people that contribute to their sense of belonging.

“Where I Belong” introduces the children of Grandma Cares to the greater Chiang Mai community. The exhibition hopes to use the children’s documentation to raise awareness about the effect of HIV/AIDS on families, and how often this population is overlooked. . In addition to raising awareness and support, the exhibition hopes to raise funds to sponsor more children. Donations will go directly to the sponsorship of these children, helping to provide them and their grandmothers with the adequate resources and materials necessary to start the rebuilding of a family.

The exhibition’s opening reception was held at the Playhouse Theater on February 27th, before the theater production. The Playhouse Theater generously donated both their time and dedication to this project. A portion of the theater proceeds, as well as food and refreshment sales, will be used for ongoing support of Grandma Cares and the sponsorship of more families.

75 motorcycle helmets in honor HM the King’s 82nd birthday were donated by members of the Chiang Mai North Rotary Club, for sale at 375 baht each, they will also go towards raising money for the children. Grandma Cares still has 70 children up for “adoption”, that is money being donated for regular food and school supplies.

The exhibition continues on to Prem Tinsulanonda International School as well as other area schools.

Playhouse performers entertain the crowd with costumes from the musical “Cats” before the show.

Some of the photos on display at the exhibition at the Playhouse theater.

Hope Watcharaprecha is joined by Cultural Canvas organizers Maria Piotrowski and Zoe Lambe, Playhouse owner David Shrubsole and some of the artists whose works are on display at the event.