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Eric Danell and Avatar

Double pricing again

Functional Medicine - A real alternative


Eric Danell and Avatar

To the Editor:
I’ve been reading your articles in the Chiang Mai Mail the past few weeks, and I wanted to write and let you know that I’ve been enjoying them.  I think you’re absolutely right that we need to reduce the population; unfortunately though, it seems that governments in most countries with falling birthrates now want to create incentives to bring birthrates back up.  Time will tell, but I hope you are right that the population will fall to sustainable levels within a few centuries.
All the best,


Double pricing again

To The editor:
A very unethical and unfair way of double pricing is a practice in the Seaworld Aquarium of Siam Paragon in Bangkok. A big sign tells the visitors in Thai language that the entrance fee is 1500 Baht, but the farangs (not the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and so on) have to pay 3000 without even knowing that they have to pay a double entrance fee.
One week ago I returned from a trip in Yunnan (China) and there at the entrances of several tourist venues the visitors am informed that the fees are the same for everybody, irrespective of race, religion, country of origin. Let China in this respect be an example for Thailand!

Functional Medicine - A real alternative

Dear Editor,
I recently attended a lecture on Functional Medicine at Chiang Mai Uni, by Dr.William Shwetzer. Functional Medicine is where western medicine and traditional/homeopathic/Chinese medicine are incorporated in diagnosing and treating ailments, in order to restore the body to optimum function.

The Doctor talked about various common ailments and why western medicine often fails. Also, in the west, “unconventional” methods are hard to integrate into “conventional” medicine because of litigation issues (i.e.: if someone is treated with traditional medicine and the treatment fails, the doctor can be sued for malpractice. But if western medicine fails, it’s considered that nothing more could have been done). Also, by treating ailments with western medicine, there is a greater profit margin for Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies. You, the patient, are a statistic, and money needs to be made. In places such as here in Thailand, it’s easier to incorporate traditional methods because of less restrictive laws...and no threat of litigation issues. So, Functional Medicine practitioners can operate more easily here than in the west. Functional Medical practitioners look at treating the contributing factors and underlying issues of an ailment, rather than just treating the ailment.

Some of the common ailments he touched upon were Thyroid conditions, Arthritic conditions, cancer contributors, and general health and wellbeing. He is not anti western medicine, that not a Functional Practitioners role. In some cases he believes western medicine is the correct treatment. BUT, Functional Practitioners look at the possible causes, rather than just treating the problem, in the aim to restore the body to optimal function. So much of what he said made sense. I am now hoping to obtain a consultation with him, but as yet I have no idea at what the cost of a consultation would be. I am happy to send on another letter about my experience of the consultation and the cost later on, as it may be something your readers would be interested in knowing. But, if your readers would like to inquire for themselves, I am including his details at the end of the email.

He seems to be working out of a Health Spa called “Tao Garden”, but he is also working at McCormick Hospital where he is a Bio Consultant. Apparently they are also working with Stem Cell Technology there.

Anyway...i thought i would pass this on, because it sounds like a good way of approaching health concerns and issues, for those of us who prefer to look at health in a more “open” way.

For further information on this approach to health, I recommend “googling” it, it’s really a fascinating subject. (i.e.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Functional_medicine)

All the best,
Jane Doh.

Dr.William Shwetzner NMD, MD, OMD.
http://www.tao-garden .com/medical_team_medical .html  (His medical qualifications can be viewed at that link also)

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