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Our Children
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Media in Action at Prem

Grandma Cares weaves dream catchers

Media in Action at Prem

Crawford Service and Vianna Unland, Prem grade 5 students,
show off their multimedia display, viewing the interview
with Chiang Mai Mail Managing Editor Shana Kongmun.

Media in Action was the exhibition put on by Grade 5 Prem Tinsulanonda International School students at the school recently, with exhibits, interviews and dancing. Students worked to show the effect media has on our society, through not only traditional media, like the newspaper and a videotaped interview with the Managing Editor of the Chiang Mai Mail, but also how media can affect fashion, slang, opinions and outlooks.

Some of the grade 5 students with exhibitions at the school.

The students worked very hard putting together multi-media presentations followed by vignettes and dances. From the 1950s rock n roll Elvis Presley dance routine to the 1970’s Abba Dancing Queen and ending with Michael Jackson moonwalking and modern day bboy break dancing, the students worked hard to put on an entertaining and educational show.

Achara Patthong, Managing Director of the HUG dance academy was there, explaining how she had helped students with their routines and dances. Additionally, she added, it was one of the teachers at her academy who had won the bboyz break off at Kad Suan Kaew a few months ago.

As part of the multimedia exhibition, students performed dances that showed media influences over the decades.

Grandma Cares weaves dream catchers

The Grandma Cares Partnership Program , led by Hope Watcharaprecha, Payap University’s Assistant to the President, Adam Dedman, nad Olivia Jennings led a Dream Catcher workshop for ten children and their grandparents and caretakers. The children and grandparents/care takers were full of smiles while expressing themselves through artistic means.

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