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No parking at Kad Suan Kaew

I have something to say about proposed consular fees

Dating pitfalls solutions


No parking at Kad Suan Kaew

Dear Editor
I regularly shop at Kad Suan Kaew and recent attempts to park my motorbike have proven difficult. One day, I was directed to the underground car park, but near the entrance to the car park. A few days later I was no longer allowed to park in the same location but directed to drive down into the structure and park in some random space. Finally, in an attempt to park outside, behind the hotel, I was directed not to the parking area filled with cars but to a dirt area, halfway up the small incline to Sirimangkalajarn soi 7, where they expected me to pay 50 baht for the privilege of parking my bike a very far distance from the shopping center.

Surely the managers of this shopping center understand that a very large number of its visitors drive motorbikes, why can’t they sort this out to the convenience of their customers?
Frustrated parker.


I have something to say about proposed consular fees

Proposed Changes to Consular Fees

 The Department of State has proposed changing the fees that you pay for services at the Consulate. According to the proposal, some fees will go up, while others will go down.

WHY? The last major update of the Schedule of Fees was in 2005, and the Department performed a new cost of service study in June 2009.

 The proposed changes to the fee schedule reflect more accurately the true cost of doing business.

This way, services of direct benefit to individuals, organizations, or groups are paid for by the users rather than by taxpayers in general.

 HOW MUCH? How these changes will affect our most popular services at the Consulate: The cost of notarial services, including affidavits and certifications, will increase from $30 to $50 per seal.

 The security surcharge for both adult and minor passports will increase from $20 to $40 to cover the costs of increased border security, which includes enhanced biometric features in the document.

 • The total charge for a first-time passport book for an adult, including the application fee, security surcharge, and execution fee, will increase from $100 to $135.

 • The total charge for an adult passport book renewal, including the application fee and security surcharge, will increase from $75 to $110.

 • The total charge for a minor passport book (age 16 and under),

 including the application fee, security surcharge and execution fee, will increase from $85 to $105.

 There will now be a fee for adding visa pages to existing passport books. • Adding visa pages to an existing passport book requires nearly the same resources as a new passport book. The study found that the cost of the pages themselves, having the pages placed in the book in a secure manner by trained personnel, and completing the required security checks costs the U.S. Government $82.48. The Department will charge $82 for this service.

The cost of a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), for children born in Thailand to U.S. citizens, will increase from $65 to $100.

 For full details of the proposed changes, see: documentDetail?R=090000 6480a8ffe8

 WHEN? The Department of State is accepting comments on these proposals until April 8. After that, the Department will announce a deadline for us to introduce the fee changes. When that happens, we will send another email to all registered Americans to alert you the change.

 I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THESE CHANGES… You may send comments to [email protected] gov. Be sure to include this number in the subject line of your message: RIN 1400-AC58.

 WHAT ABOUT VISA FEES? The Department also has proposed increasing the application fee for most types of non-immigrant visas from $131 to $140. If you have a Thai friend or spouse who will be traveling to the U.S. soon, this proposal will affect him or her.

 Full details are available at:http://www.regulations .gov/search/Regs/home. html#documentDetail?R= 0900006480a6a10b
Concerned American citizen

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