A day trip yields a nice result:

By Heather Allen

Recently, I had the good fortune to take a drive out into the countryside with a friend. With a hope to find some clean air and less crowded conditions, we wound our way up to Mae On. Through San Kamphaeng, past the notorious twice bombed Bangkok Bank and the biggest police station I have ever seen in Thailand (and a lovely pink colour it is, as well!), we found our way to the Oriental Village Resort.

The owners, a lovely Thai-Farang couple, Roy and Tuk, that have spent the past years in the catering business in the U.K. and Spain, were very welcoming and apologetic that the place wasn’t quite ready for Western food.

Considering the quality of the Thai food that came out, I can only say that I will be back for the arrival of the famed cooker and the presentation of a Sunday roast that they have planned as a weekly event.

We had some really delicious minced red chicken curry, nice and creamy, very spicy and delicious. I’ve never had minced meat in a curry before, but this was quite tasty. My Thai companion certainly enjoyed it as he seemed to eat the lion’s share of the curry!. Additionally, we had stir fried baby corn, apropos since the resort overlooks a corn field, crispy sun dried garlic (not at all as chewy as one would expect and quite tasty from the marinade it was soaked in before drying), pork ribs, and spring rolls. Spring rolls are quite a regular feature of many menus, but those are often always frozen. Everything at our table was made from scratch by the chef. The spring rolls were small, crispy and not greasy as so many are.

They garnished our food with some fabulous food art, a peacock pumpkin and a carrot deer. When I exclaimed over both, the owner offered them both to me to take home. I couldn’t see how to fit the pumpkin in my refrigerator, but the deer was bagged up, in water to stay fresh, nonetheless, and now resides quite cozily in my freezer compartment. What I will do with him, I am not yet sure. Perhaps give it to a friend’s young son and daughter. I am sure the son will delight in biting the head off the deer!

It is quite a trek out to this place, and rather hard to find, so best to check their website for directions. But, if you find yourself in the country for a drive, its certainly worth a visit. Be sure to check back for the Sunday roast review, as I definitely plan to make the trek for that.