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Midnight alms offering at Wat Suan Dok

Thai Impressionists in Chiang Mai

Midnight alms offering at Wat Suan Dok

Local residents offer alms to the Phra Uppakhut image
on the night before the full moon on April 28 at Wat Suan Dok.

By Supoj Thaimyoj

Local area residents took part in a traditional Northern Lanna Thai alms ceremony, Wat Peng Pud, at midnight on April 28 at Wat Suan Dok.

Traditionally held at midnight on the Tuesday before a Full Moon that falls on a Wednesday, the ceremony included inviting the Buddhist image, Phra Uppakhut to his residence followed by offerings of flowers to the image and then alms to the monks.. More than 150 monks from around the city joined in the ceremony with Phra Khru Srisithmethee, the abbot of Wat Suan Dok offering a talk on Dharma.

More than 150 monks from city temples took part in the alms offering for Wat Peng Pud at Wat Suan Dok.

This traditional Northern ceremony never has a fixed date, but only occurs when the Full Moon falls on a Wednesday, some years there may be several. Many Northern believe that to give alms to Baddish monks and novices on this occasion would bring a rich and happy life. According to the Northern legend, Phra Uppakhut has supernatural powers and can conquer any Mara enemies or obstructions.

It is said that Phra Uppakhut will emerge from the sea and then transform himself to become a Buddhist novice asking alms from the general public. It is believed that anyone who makes a merit by offering him alms will have a happy and prosperous life.


Thai Impressionists in Chiang Mai

Margaret Bhadungzong of the Welcome to Chiang Mai
Chiang Rai Magazine was on hand for the opening
of the Colorful Melody of Nature exhibition at the 116 Art Gallery.

The 116 Art Gallery is hosting the Colorful Melody of Nature showing until the 15th. With 50 paintings by Impressionist artists Eng-on Homsuwan, Jay Surasan, Somsak Raksuwan, Sumrith Pechkong, the showing reflects their love of nature with oil and watercolor paintings. Vibrant flowers and peaceful landscapes are on show at the 116 Art Gallery, open from 11 am to 6 pm daily except closed on Mondays. 94-120 Charoenmuang Road, Tel. 053 302 111.