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Blood donors take note

Chiang Rai edition of the newspaper a possibility?

Insurance questions answered

Bored expats need hobbies

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Blood donors take note

Dear Editor

My wife and I were in Carrefour yesterday lunch time, trying to avoid buying anything, and found the Thai Red Cross there with a temporary blood-sucking clinic. Sorry, ‘donor’.

I was about to lie down until we came across a golden rule: NO donors over the age of 60.

There is an English language form now, so here are some of the major requirements they state:

1. You must be 17 to 60 years old and in good health.

2. You must not eat or drink anything during the hour before giving.

3. You must not drink alcohol within the 24 hours before giving. And avoid smoking at least 1 hour before AND after giving.

The questionnaire/registration forms are available from Red Cross HQ at 196 Rachapakinai Rd. This is very slightly north of the cross roads with Rachawitee, just round the corner from the Irish Pub, or wherever you see these mobile donor clinics in action. They can sometimes be found at Big C on Hang Dong Rd.

You never know when it may be needed.

Maybe by you........!
David Hardcastle


Chiang Rai edition of the newspaper a possibility?

Dear Editor

I write just to say that I really enjoy reading both the Pattaya and Chiang Mai editions, especially when I am working away and not lucky enough to be physically in Thailand.

My lovely Thai wife and I have taken a step back (or perhaps it’s forward) and moved our base from the hustle and bustle of Fun City Pattaya to the tranquility and laid back life of Chiang Rai (don’t tell everyone – we want to keep Chiang Rai Provence that way! ).

Don’t worry Pattaya & Jomtien, we will still visit Fun City every year as it has so much to offer, so to the city fathers I say “keep up the good work”, there are so many good initiatives going on and yes the cleaner beaches and public areas are certainly appreciated.

In true Thai style, I have been far around the garden and so I now get to the point – any plans for a Chiang Rai Mail edition or even a Chiang Rai supplement in the Chiang Mai edition?

Many thanks for brightening our rather dull lives in Norway while we are working away in order to save enough for our next Thailand trip.

Insurance questions answered

Dear Dumfounded

Unfortunately you are correct in surmising your travel insurance from the UK will be invalid – unless a rider specifically states that one will be covered in these circumstances.

However help is at hand. Friends from the UK have recently bought Travel Insurance from a brokerage in Thailand called AA Insurance Brokers. They have offices throughout Thailand including Chiang Mai but cover can be arranged over the internet. The web site is : and the local phone numbers are 053 230127 and 086 181 8383.

In Chiang Mai

Bored expats need hobbies

Dear Editor,

I have found among my social circle of expats that many who are retired or housewives are bored beyond belief & as a result can become nitpicky & petty over the most minor things. People who, in their home country, would have had full & active social lives now find that the most interesting aspect of their day is complaining about the gardener’s lack of watering ability or how a stamp didn’t stick down properly & this is the fault of the Thai population at large.

I myself try to keep active & have several hobbies, including jewelery making, amateur photography & online blogging so find their focus on such minor & trivial issues to be a very unproductive use of their time. It is also affecting my desire to socialize with them as such pettiness & negativity can be tiring to someone of my advanced age.

How can I encourage my friends to let go of their petty issues & embrace the more active social life that CM has to offer & do you have any additional suggestions of social or hobby groups for me to suggest to them?


Sick of bored whingers.

Editor’s response:

Dear Sick:

In our community calendar page you will find a daily listing of all the clubs that meet weekly the Bridge Club, the Chess Club, Karate and onto quiz nights, musical events, art exhibitions and more. Since many of the clubs meet on a regular basis it is an easy enough thing to schedule it into one’s calendar.

Best of luck,
Shana Kongmun

Managing Editor

In response to, Need Legal Advice

Dear Editor:

I am a beat up old American Falangatang Geezer hanging out in Chiang Mai while I morph into a skeleton. Like many retirees, the endless devaluation of the US$. Caused by artificially low interest rates set by “Helicopter Ben and Out of Touch Allen” to make more “easy money” for our untouchable upper crust criminal class, has left me a bit short of funds. In order to avoid the boredom of too much time, not enough money and being too well insured to just be allowed to croak. I have helped numerous young ladies email their lonely hearted twenty something year old, soon to married to Falangatangs boyfriends who had to return home. The girls have 3 or 4 different story lines that often work. My favorite girlfriend to wrestle with, the ever so lovely Miss Horney Pie, usually has 3 or 4 guys in the works and 1 or 2 sending money every month.

Please don’t wait until the buffalo dies, again or grandma needs another operation to send more money, send it now and be generous! She gets so excited when money starts pouring out ATM’s. She hops on her motorcycle and races over to my place for some wrestling.

Many Thanks


PS Anyone who still doesn’t understand the financial meltdown should go to Watch the 2 minute slideshow “The $700 Billion Capital Injection” by Whaleshrimp Films. Type “Whaleshrimp The $700 Billion Capitol Injection” in the search box for real financial adventure.