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British Chamber hosts Networking evening in Chiang Mai

The 2nd Annual Chiang Mai Regional Battle of the Bands and IDOL Competition


British Chamber hosts Networking evening in Chiang Mai

By Shana Kongmun

The British Chamber of Commerce of Thailand’s board came up from Bangkok to host the Networking One evening at the Rachamankha Hotel on Thursday, May 14. Chris Thatcher, the Director of the British Chamber of Commerce was joined byVice Chairman Graham MacDonald and other board members for the evening.

Peter Smith introduces Ginny Rowlands, Centre Manager of British Council Chiang Mai, to the Networking One evening guests.

The hotel’s General Manager, Paul Ealker, gave guests a tour of the hotel, furnished in Asian antiques, the Lanna style buildings are built around courtyards in the Chinese style. The rooms are magnificently appointed and beautiful with canopy curtains strung around the beds. The gardens of the hotel show it as peaceful respite in the heart of Chiang Mai city.

Monthakan Intharasri was happy to win a nights stay in the evening’s lucky draw. Peter Smith, Director of AA Insurance said that he really loves the atmosphere at the hotel, and has enjoyed having the networking evenings there the past few months.

(L-R) Peter Malhotra Managing Director of the Pattaya Mail draws the winning card from the bowl held by Peter Smith of AA Insurance at the Networking One evening.

Ginny Rowlands, Centre Manager of the British Council Chiang Mai introduced the gathering to the efforts of Chiang Mai’s British Council, explaining that they offer classes to a large number of students and even have a lending library for those parents who would like to get their children some books.

British Honourary Consul Ben Svasti Thomson dropped into the Networking Evening, his first visit he vowed he would make an effort to attend more evenings. Suparak Jirakijyada, of Naew Na newspaper, put in an appearance as a representative of the Thai media, a reporter for the newspaper this was her second Networking evening.

Peter Malhotra, owner of the Pattaya Mail and Chiang Mai Mail even flew up from Pattaya for the event, telling people, he really should get up more often but life as a newspaper owner is one of constant deadlines.

Calvin Huang won the obligatory bottle of wine and several subscriptions to the Chiang Mai Mail were handed out. The evening ended on a somber note as people learned a state of emergency had been declared in Chiang Mai, but as per usual, all was quiet on the return home. And so ended another successful Networking One evening.

(L-R ) Stuart Gale of ECC (Thailand) and Antonio de Maria of TTC discuss Elias Maung’s latest travels as Business Manager of Thai Tribal Crafts Co. Ltd.

(L-R ) Pratheep Malhotra,Managing Director of The Pattaya Mail is joined
by Peter Smith, Director of AA Insurance Brokers Co.,Ltd in giving David Williams, Managing Director of DigitalZoo his prize.

(L-R) Zane Crosby-Emery of Modern Build Chiang Mai cajoles Shana Kongmun, Managing Editor of the Chiang Mai Mail and Linda into visiting his offices on Nimmanhaemin soi 5.

(L-R) Margaret Bhadungzong, Publisher of Welcome to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Magazine chats with Jim Gross and Dr. Ian Bushell about business in Chiang Mai.

(L-R)Sally Ward of the 200 Club is joined by Fran Arnet and Gill Saviker
to discuss Fran’s cleaning business.

(L-R) Ginny Rowlands, Centre Manager of the British Council Chiang Mai joins Ian Fortune and Robin Otto of Futronix to discuss the latest events in Chiang Mai at the Networking One evening.

Tony Malhotra (left), MD of The Chiang Mai Mail interviews
Graham Macdonald, Vice Chairman of British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) for the Pattaya Mail Television about the importance of joining the BCCT especially the businesses in the North.

(L-R ) Rex Baggaley is joined by Ian Fortune and Robin Otto of Futronix, Panita , Consulate of British Chamber of Commerce Thailand(BCCT) and Robert Kelly to discuss Chamber business at the Rachamankha Hotel.

(L-R ) Ginny Rowlands, Centre Manager of British Council Chiang Mai,
Thasakorn Doungkham, Teaching and Exam Marketing Support Assistant
of British Council Chiang Mai discusses local media with Suparak Jirakijyada
of NaewNa Newspaper Co.,Ltd and Taweechai Tansenee.

( L-R ) Siriporn (Nam) Wongaram and Peter Smith, Director of AA Insurance Brokers Co.,Ltd are joined by Barry Main, Sales and Marketing Director of Thaivisa.com and Boonyarat Burepia at the Networking One evening.

(L-R) Tony Malhotra, Managing Director of The Chiang Mai Mail is joined by the Managing Director of the Pattaya Mail, Peter (Pratheep) Malhotra, Barry Main, Sales and Marketing Director of Thaivisa.com and Paul Ealker, General Manager of the Rachamankha Hotel before the tour of the hotel.

(L-R) Charles B. Burke is joined by Colin Jarvis of Eseana, his lovely wife Pat and Chris Thatcher, Director of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCCT) at the networking evening at the Rachamankha Hotel.


The 2nd Annual Chiang Mai Regional Battle of the Bands and IDOL Competition

Stories and
Photos by Kath Phillips

After months of careful planning and lots of rehearsing, Saturday, May 8th 2010 finally arrived. It was time for the 2nd Annual Chiang Mai Regional IDOL & BATTLE of the BANDS Inter-School Music Talent Competition 2009-2010 to begin. Doors were opened at the American Pacific International School auditorium and ticket-holders set out to find the seats they wanted. By the time Mr. Peter Welch took the stage to welcome everyone, the Auditorium was full: there really was standing room only!

First of Prem Tinsulanonda International School took 1st place in the IDOL category for his rendition of Play My Music by The Jonas Brothers.

On entering the auditorium one could almost touch the unmistakable charge in the atmosphere which promised a high energy, professional and entertaining music event. The judges table with their three chairs stood in the center in front of the stage and the stage itself, filled with the entire band’s equipment set aglow under a brilliant set of stage lights, stirred up a feeling of great expectation.

The Headmaster quickly handed the proceedings over to Mr. Sydney Moss, the event organizer, producer and MC for the evening.

In keeping with local tradition, all were invited to stand while the backing band “MUSE” played the Thai national anthem. Then, the audience remained standing to celebrate the life of Sam, the drummer who had played with the band at last year’s inaugural event and who had died in a car crash a few weeks later. He was 22. Sam’s drum solo from last year’s event was projected onto the two screens for all to enjoy.

Once the performances began there was no stopping the enthusiasm. The audience was treated to some amazing talent in all the event categories. The youngest performers, just nine years old, drew gasps of amazement from the audience—and things only got better as more experienced singers were able to show greater confidence and control of both their voice and the stage.

The Screaming Temptations took 2nd place in the Band category performing Knights of Cydonia by Muse.

The BATTLE of the BANDS this year featured seven bands, all of them exceptionally good, with impressive stage personalities so that the audience was kept entertained throughout.

The event judges, Bella, Greg, Lindsay and Teh who switched with Bella for the Bands segment made very supportive comments for each performer.

At the end of the performances, to allow the judges time to make their decisions, the audience participated in a lucky draw and many went home looking forward to a further treat courtesy of local businesses.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for: the final declaration of the Regional Winners for 2009- 2010.

In the IDOL Category first place went to First (G5, Prem) Elementary IDOL with Play My Music by The Jonas Brothers, Second place to Naline (G8, Lanna) Middle School IDOL with The Climb by Miley Cyrus and third to Choi (G11, APIS) High School IDOL with Cracks of my Broken Heart by Eric Benet

The Battle of the Bands first place went to The Sinister Red Pants (NIS) with Fa Fa Fa by Datarock (Winners), Second to The Screaming Temptations (CMIS) with Knights of Cydonia by MUSE (Runners-up).

Prizes this year were substantial and varied. In addition to a cash prize, trophy, and certificate, each winner received College Coupons courtesy of Education USA, recording time at Thomasso Studios courtesy of Mr. Thomas Van Nes, and a full massage and spa package courtesy of Relaxation Spa & Massage.

Ask Mr. Sydney about the moment that most impressed him and he’ll tell you it was the final minutes of the evening when he invited all the participants and their teachers to join him on stage.

“This is a very powerful statement. These are only a handful of students: there are plenty more out there, all just waiting to be heard. This platform does just that, it promotes school music talent”, Sydney Moss said.

We look forward to hearing those recordings!! And don’t forget you can buy a DVD of the entire event for just 250THB: contact Mr. Sydney on 084-665-0562 or by calling the APIS office on 053-365303