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A Symphony of Colour – Thai Artists at Art Gallery 116


A Symphony of Colour – Thai Artists at Art Gallery 116

By Jai-Pee

Recently a friend of mine invited me to see this exhibition of Thai artists at the gallery on Charoen Muang Road a few hundred metres from the Nawarat Bridge. I was not particularly interested as my visits to art galleries have been spoilt by frequenting the famous Musee D’Orsay in Paris where I have been moved to tears by the splendour of the Monets, Manets, Van Goghs and countless others housed there. How delighted I was when I visited this gallery to find that here, near to the centre of Chiang Mai, I could witness and really enjoy an experience of a similar nature. The current exhibition in this wonderful gallery, founded some eighteen months ago by local business woman and philanthropist Mrs. Wanthip Nimmanahae minda, features four Thai artists whose undoubted talent and creativity make this a very special place to visit. Curator Mrs. Margaret Bhadungzong is eager to show prospective viewers the full range of splendid paintings – done in water colour, acrylic and oil – that make this gallery an art-lover’s ‘must-see’.

The elegance and beauty of the rose are captured with carefully balanced shapes and colours by the artist Eng-On Homsuwan, who has recently moved to live in Chiang Mai. A nurse by profession, she has successfully transferred her caring skills in the way she portrays her flowers, skillfully and delicately textured in water colour and instantly pleasing to the eye. A more challenging and somewhat more somber mood pervades the work of southern artist Sumrith Pechkong. Less eye-catching perhaps, but nevertheless a set of highly intricate and interesting paintings, Sumrith stands out as someone who pays great attention to detail, nowhere more so than in his set of trees with their grey overtones and intricate interwoven branches and trunks. His more surrealist paintings, still with a Thai flavour despite their abstract nature, provoke questionings and thought. The third artist in this exciting collection is Somsak Raksuwan, who paints a mysterious landscape of sharply contrasting colours, but with symbolic imagery and splashes of vibrant colour. His paintings, oil on canvas, show a love of nature yet hint at the unknown. Isaan-born artist Jay Surasan, whose work occupies by far the most space, not surprisingly so in view of the immense size of some of his breathtaking canvasses, has created eye-catching and appealing views from the first cursory glance. In his work, full of vivid colour and teeming with life, we enter a world of that unspoiled nature in all its glory where the heavy footprint of human beings has not yet sullied the harmony and beauty of the created world.

This is an exhibition not to miss before it closes on June 15th. The curator and the gallery can be contacted on 053-302-111 and more information can be found on the website [email protected] For those of you with a blank space or two on your walls, then now is the time to add something a little extra to enhance the beauty of your home. Bids for all displayed paintings are welcome.