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Getting started with your Android phone

CBS dance series gives big role to Paula Abdul


Getting started with your Android phone

By The Computer Quack

To continue on from last week, I will now go into the details of my own phone.

The Samsung I bought I discovered came with version 1.6 of Android; perfectly useable, but as a technophile I like to try the latest as soon as it comes out. Samsung promised to roll out 2.1 earlier this year, but seemed to be selective as to which countries they chose first, so after a 30 minute search and some downloads, I had an 2.1 image and the tools to install it. After a few false starts and more searching to find a couple of caveats which I corrected, I had my Galaxy running 2.1. I wouldn’t recommend this to a novice, but if you are pretty good with computers, it’s not an onerous task, and if you take a backup first you can always go back to square one.

But if you’re not, then check that your Android phone is running 2.1!

Next came what to me is the most important step: Getting connected!

The phone isn’t locked, so you pop your sim card in and you’ll get the usual services. The Samsung doesn’t seem to pick up the contacts in the SIM automatically (at least not on the generic 2.1 I installed), but it’s very simple to import SIM contacts into your phone in one go.

Next Wifi: Very simple to turn on and off, and it found free and pay-as-you-go hotspots and connected without problem using WEP and WPA/WPA2 which pretty well covers all of the bases.

3G I have yet to try. Living overseas as I do (and not in Thailand, I might add), I have to wait for my phone provider to learn about this “new” phone and send me the appropriate APN settings (along with a reasonably priced data package I might add!), but reading online 3G seems to work perfectly well in countries where it’s available.

Once you’ve got your phone up, running and connected, your next stop will be the Android Market, but that will be continued in next week’s column.

If you have any specific questions on Android, please don’t hesitate to write to me at thecomputerquack and I’ll be happy to answer them. Similarly, if you have other questions on any computer or technology-related subject, please feel free to email me and I’ll have a crack at it for you. I’m planning forthcoming articles on Home Networking, Multimedia players, PDA sites and others, but if you have a subject you feel merits some column inches, fire away and I’ll gladly take on the challenge. thecom [email protected]


CBS dance series gives big role to Paula Abdul

As Simon Cowell leaves the reality-show judge’s chair, his old foil, Paula Abdul, is coming back.

Paula Abdul, seen here in a file photo, after leaving the popular American Idol, will be judging a new reality show, “Got to Dance”.

CBS said Monday that Abdul will be a judge on “Got to Dance,” a competition expected to make it on the air sometime next season. She’ll also be an executive producer for the series, which is based on a successful competition that airs in Britain.

Cowell is leaving “American Idol” after this season, concentrating on another show he’ll import from England. He had a love-hate relationship with Abdul, who left Fox’s top-rated game before the current season when she couldn’t reach a deal on a new contract. She’s been fielding other offers since then.

There’s no immediate word on when “Got to Dance,” which will feature various forms of dancing, will go on the air.