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June 8 - June 14, 2010

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Police respond to Defrauded

Warning Towers for Chiang Mai


Police respond to Defrauded

In the April 27 issue of the Chiang Mai Mail, “Defrauded” wrote in asking for legal advice on fraud from a girl he thought himself engaged to but subsequently found she already had a boyfriend after accepting an engagement ring and cash. He then submitted the letter to the police as well, but without a name or address the police requested that they respond in the Chiang Mai Mail.

The Chiang Mai police state that this case is a civil case and the complainer could hire a lawyer to file a law suit against the woman. But it is not a criminal case under Thai law and as such, the police have no jurisdiction.


Warning Towers for Chiang Mai

Dear Editor,

The older I get the more I think we need some Tsunami Warning Towers in Chiang Mai. They would have been a big help the other night at Mr. Benny’s.

After weeks of wearing no shirt and staying behind a wall of sand bags in front of my condo door to avoid offending any of the protesters, I decided to go out and hunt for some female companionship. I stopped at a nightclub that had a sign out front Welcome Miss Something or Other Beauty Contestants (I couldn’t read it while driving) so I pulled in. The music was pounding away as I found a good place to stand. I really couldn’t hear what people were saying and without my glasses, darn near all Asian women are young and attractive. One very attractive young woman with her back to me was dancing right in front of me by herself. She slowly moved back until she was rubbing against me very intentionally. One thing leads to another and soon we were making some sort of financial arrangement to meet for further rubbing. She slid her skirt up and pulled me closer while we worked out the details. She pulled her skirt up a little too far and exposed that she was in fact a Miss Tiffany Contestant! I jumped back, tripped over the low railing and fell into the live tank in Mr. Benny’s Shark Fin Soup Restaurant below. Mr. Benny’s pet bull shark bit my leg and injured himself during the incident. Mr. Benny was kind enough to allow me to pay for all the damages he, his shark, his relatives and any of his customers might have suffered from this incident so no charges were filed against me. Lucky Me!


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