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Scholarships handed out to needy students in San Patong

Lampang students participate in student leadership programs

Scholarships handed out to needy students in San Patong

Guest Mike Curtis, FERC Scholarship Committee Chairman Frank Weicks, FERC Scholarship Committee member Norman Robinson, FERC Board Members Mike Goss, Pat Corey, Debbie Goss, Celeste Tolibas-Holland, Glynn Morgan and FERC Chairman Marc Dumur hand out scholarships to San Patong students.

By Rebecca Lomax

The Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC) held a Scholarship Day ceremony on June 2, 2010 at the Office of Education Service Area Four (San Patong). Area Four is responsible for the supervision of 136 schools, kindergarten through high school, with students who are both Thai and tribal. All are rural schools, and some of them serve many villages. Many of the schools provide dormitories for their students as home villages may be too far away for the students to travel every day. And, as is the case with many remote villages, roads may become virtually impassable during the rainy season.

Needy students from the San Patong area receive scholarships from the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC) on June 2, 2010.

FERC is registered in Thailand and the United States, is fully transparent in handling its money, and has no paid staff. One of our most important projects is awarding scholarships. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on financial need, the ability to succeed academically, and demonstrated commitment to complete their educations. Students are first recommended by their teachers, and then screened by administrative staff before being recommended to the FERC Scholarship Committee. Committee members screen the students and make further recommendations to the Foundation Board Members. Scholarship Committee members continue to monitor the students’ progress and needs throughout the year. All expenditure of scholarship funds is recorded jointly by the students and teachers, and approved by the Scholarship Committee.

Almost 100 emergency and enrichment scholarships were given to children from the schools. While many of these students’ families are able to pay for their basic needs, most need help in funding special educational subjects such as computer science, biology, music, and sports. Some of these younger students come from families that have suffered the death or absence of a parent, and some live with grandparents. All, however, need help in meeting their educational needs.

Twenty-one high school students were given scholarships of 10,000 baht each. Seven of these were previous scholarship recipients who continue to need help to complete their high school educations, and fourteen were new scholarships. Once FERC awards a scholarship to a high school student, it continues to fund that student through high school. Recent FERC scholarship recipients who have graduated from high school are now studying at Chiang Mai University and the Rajabaht University. One is studying engineering in Bangkok at the Engineering Institute of Thailand.

In addition to awarding scholarships, the FERC board members, teachers and administrators were delighted to hear short “thank you” speeches in both English and Thai made by scholarship recipients. for more information.

Lampang students participate in student leadership programs

Dr. Mark V. Oppenheimer lectures Lampang students taking part in the Student Leadership Development Program on the power of vision.

Chiang Mai Family Services are running Student Leadership Development Programs in 3 schools in the Lampang area, including Chitaree Social Welfare School, North Women’s Vocational School and Kiew Lom Wittiyakom School. The goals are to develop the character, abilities and confidence of a target group of students with potential to attend University through the use of games, activities and study of leadership qualities. It includes visits by guest speakers, excursions & activities at Yonok University Campus. One of the important goals is to prepare the students to succeed after they leave school for further study either in vocational colleges or in universities with some students destined for Yonok University under the scholarship program funded by the GHOppenheimer Scholarships, promoted and administered by the Yonok Foundation and supported by the GHOppenheimer Foundation which also financially sponsors these lectures in Lampang.

Professor Dr. Mark V. Oppenheimer, who formerly taught in Yonok University’s International BBA Program and who lives in Lampang kicked off the series of lectures this last Saturday at Chitaree School lecturing on the Power of Vision and what Wile E. Coyote, famous from the Roadrunner cartoon, has to teach us about achieving personal goals and achieving personal success.

Dr. Mark V. Oppenheimer is joined by the students who participated
in the Student Leadership Development Program after his lecture.