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Jim Power - Secretary General Skål International


Jim Power - Secretary General Skål International


Torremolinos: It is with great sadness and sorrow that we report the passing of Jim Power, Secretary General of Skål International. Jim died in his sleep at his home in Spain, on Saturday, June 12, 2010.

Jim Power - Secretary General
Skål International 1949-2010

Born on June 23, 1949, the late Mr. Power was in Sydney on June 9, 2010 to attend the golden anniversary luncheon of Skål International. One hundred and sixty Skålleagues and their guests participated in the celebrations. It was to be his last trip.

“He was a regular visitor to Thailand and Asia,” said Brian Sinclair-Thompson, President of Skål Intl Thailand. “We have lost a long time friend and Skålleague, our deep sympathies and condolences go out to Skalleagues worldwide upon learning of the sudden and unexpected passing of Jim Power.”

He added, “It is very hard not to think of the one without the other, as his wisdom and guidance were always there to the benefit of all. May the memory of Jim live on in all that we do.”

Skål Asia President Gerry Perez said, “Our hearts and prayers go out to Jim’s family and his co-workers, who are deeply shocked by Jim’s sudden departure. Jim, I am sure, would have wanted everything to continue and run smoothly as normal, but Jim was special… and we shall take time to remember and honour him. He was always so dedicated to advancing the association; it was his life and passion.”

The news comes as shock to many travel and tourism stakeholders as the late Mr. Power was one of the industry’s highly-regarded individuals. He was frequently seen at many industry events such as ITB in Berlin and World Travel Market in London, as well as many Skål events held across the globe.

Long time Skålleague and friend of the late Mr. Power, Malai Sakolviphak, Past President of Skål Intl Thailand said, “Jim was one of the most professional, consistent administrators I have ever seen. He ran a very tight ship and he was widely regarded by everyone. For most involved in travel and tourism Jim was often the face of Skål Intl, a constant in an ever changing world. We will miss him.”

Always ready to help everyone who asked, his written replies and answers to any query were perfect in form and content, no matter what time of day or night. He set a standard of administration that was truly remarkable, but above all he was a close friend to many and regarded with the utmost respect by the rest of the industry shocked and saddened upon learning of Mr. Power’s death.

Local President Ingo Raeuber of Skål Intl Pattaya and East Thailand commented, “Jim’s Irish roots were a very important to him. I think he particularly cherished meeting the Pope and Jim always had a smile and laugh for everyone where appropriate. Jim was always the focus point for all 20,000 global Skål members. He will be missed and the tributes from around the world have started to pour in.”

Jim Power was a good person; he cared about others not just with words but also action. He was a consummate diplomat, a patient teacher and a mentor to many. God bless you Jim and may you rest in eternal peace.

Andrew J. Wood
Skål Intl Councillor - Thailand
& VP South East Asia