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Shangri La Hotel to organize another Fun(d) Fair for San Kamphaeng school

Prem Center for International Education returns to its roots

Bikers ride again for Chiang Mai ToyRide

Shangri La Hotel to organize another Fun(d) Fair for San Kamphaeng school

Shangri La General Manager Elaine Yue and her management team recently visited the Baan Kor Sariem School in Sankampaeng district to inspect recent improvements to the school. The school benefited from Shangri La’s first Fun(d) Fair in February 2010, which raised funds for renovations such as electrical and drinking water systems.

GM Elaine Yue joins students at the Baan Kor Sariem school in enjoying clean water from their newly installed water system.

The goals of the Ban Kor Sariem School project are to improve the quality of education and the lives of students by providing them with the necessary facilities and requirements. The first year plan of the project is to renovate the school buildings, electrical system and improve the facilities necessary for the students and the school.

In the longer term, students who graduate from Baan Kor Sariem School with high potential will be given the opportunity to train with Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai. Skills gained during this training can be used to obtain further employment or education and this part of the project aims to give the children the ability to be able to support themselves and their families.

The Shangri La held a second fair on June 30, inviting outside sellers to join with the hotel to provide a local market style fair.

Prem Center for International Education returns to its roots

adopts name Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning

The PTIS Board of Governors, HE Prem Tinsulanonda and PTIS administration wish to advise the public that the Prem Center for International Education has respectfully adopted the name Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning, named in memory of Mom Luang’s Tridhosyuth (Tri) Devakul’s first son.

Three-Generation is not a new name concept for the school. The first school started on this site in May 1997 was called Tridhos Three-Generation School Village and was designed by the noted architect and environmentalist, M.L. Tridhosyuth Devakul. The Three-Generation name was the title for a visionary school that was to bring together children, parents and grandparents onto a 200 Rai school site. It was Mom Tri’s belief that family should be pivotal in the education of the student and he developed a center that gave the opportunity for parents, grandparents and children to live at a school and partake in education programs including boat building, language training, sports and the arts, and to instill a community/village service ethic in students. It was to be a place for leadership and to impel students into experiences. Three generations working together for education is a concept that brings traditional values of teaching and involvement into the twenty-first century. Thirteen years later, parents now live on site with their children attending one of the top international schools in South-East Asia.

Students who attend the international school on site will continue using PTIS as the name for the school. Next year, PTIS proudly celebrates ten years of operation, having graduated more than 230 students from over forty different countries with the International Baccalaureate Programme.

As the school and the community begin celebrating over a decade in operation, ML Tri and staff have proudly reaffirmed the original vision of three generations working together as an educational family. Parents now live on campus; academies in cooking, golf, tennis, cricket and football are established; a sustainability ethos has become rooted. The vision has become reality. (PR)

Bikers ride again for Chiang Mai ToyRide

By Shana Kongmun

Chiang Mai ToyRide riders showed up in force on June 24 to ride to Huai Nam Khao school in Hang Dong to deliver toys, sports equipment and a quality backpack for each student. 21 bikers took part in the ride to the school and luckily the weather held for a great day out for kids and bikers.

Pico, John and Mike get ready to deliver toys and equipement to Huai Nam Khao School on June 24.

The school has benefitted from the ToyRide’s donations with more books for the school library, sporting equipment, paved the playground and painted playground equipment. And in a time of increased dengue fever, the screened windows supplied by the Chiang Mai ToyRide will benefit the students in the kindergarten area greatly.

A few more rides are planned before next year’s grand ToyRide in February so be sure to check their website for details. All bikers welcome.

Students try out the Muay Thai equipment brought
by the ToyRide bikers while the clown referees.