Vol. IX No. 27 - Tuesday  July 6 - July 12, 2010
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 CMU Freshmen walk up Doi Suthep
in decades old tradition

“Baby Elephants walk up Doi Suthep”. In a tradition that dates back to the founding of Chiang Mai University in 1946, CMU freshmen students are joined by current students in walking up Doi Suthep to build unity and pay respects to the Buddha Relics on Doi Suthep. A parade of students started from the Chiang Mai University at the auspicious time of 6:19 a.m. on Saturday, July 3. (Photo by Jedsadapong Wongkiew)

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Partial lunar eclipse seen in Chiang Mai

A more than 50 percent lunar eclipse was viewed by many residents on top of Doi Suthep at the Observatory Tower on June 26 at 7:44 p.m. The first lunar eclipse of 2010, a total solar eclipse is predicted for July 11 and will be visible over the South Pacific. This eclipse is a part of Lunar Saros 120 series, repeating every 18 years and roughly 10 days, last occurring on June 15, 1992, the next one will occur July 6, 2028. This series is winding down: The final total eclipse of this series was on May 14, 1938 and the final partial lunar eclipse will be on July 28, 2064. (Photo courtesy of NARIT)

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Climate change seminar in a bid to inform public

Helmet crackdown

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Audi conquering more than just Le Mans

I have just returned from a flying visit to the UK, in fact the North of Scotland, where it was a sunny 14 degrees on the first day and overcast eight degrees for the subsequent three days. Why my forebears decided to set up camp in the frozen north is beyond me. However, as well as the freezing weather, there was another aspect of the UK which was interesting. And that was the number of Audis on the road, and with the new LED running lights, they are easy to pick as they approach the oncoming traffic.

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‘Tigers’ roar back to the top of the league

Chiang Mai took over at the top of the Thai League Division 2 Northern region standings on Sunday, June 27 with a resounding 4-0 victory at the 700 Year Anniversary Stadium over the “Fire Bats’ of Sukhothai FC.

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Around Town


Entering the Oregano one immediately has a sense of welcome, well being and optimism. True appearances can be deceptive and the bottom line is going to be was the food good and was it fairly priced? Well to answer those points briefly.

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From left to right Anthony Langford, Heiko Schmitt, Ivory Langford, Dirk Weeber Arayatumsopon, Wuttipong Arayatumsopon, Phanna Langenhorst, Rudolf Langenhorst, John Valentine, Janet Henry and Anirut Hanchumseth met at the Holiday Inn Hotel for a photo shoot with Hallo Chiang Mai magazine.

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