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65 needy kids receive Rotary scholarships

CMU climbs in ranking in top 200 Asian Universities survey

PTIS Proud to Present Students with Scholarships

65 needy kids receive Rotary scholarships

Hope Watcharapreecha of Grandma Cares is joined by some of the scholarship winners donated to the Grandma Cares Partnership Program by the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin ThaiNgam.

Hope Watcharapreecha

The last school funding distribution for the Rotary year of 2009-2010 took place on June 24, 2010 at the weekly women’s luncheon for the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin ThaiNgam. 65 children received scholarships either under the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai ThinThaiNgam and the “Grandma Cares” Partnership Program.

39 scholarships were given to the Grandma Cares Partnership Program and another 26 scholarships were given to poor and rural students, orphans and HIV-AIDS affected students. These were students selected from the poorest rural areas of different Tessabans in Chiang Mai districts.

The students sponsored from the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin ThaiNgam ranged from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. The “Grandma Cares” Partnership Program’s children were also in primary and secondary schools but some are in University and vocational colleges due to the long term care and support provided by Grand Cares that supports 72 families. This program began in 2004-2005 under a Rotary sister club joint partnership and went on to work with other Rotary clubs.

Now the Grandma Cares program is open to all non- Rotarian and private sponsorships. Offering weekend outings, English camps, life skills programs, home visits, and spiritual guidance in addition to scholarships depending on the amount of donations received that year.

CMU climbs in ranking in top 200 Asian Universities survey

Jedsadapong Wongkiew

Chiang Mai University (CMU) climbed two places since last years’ ranking from 81 to 79 in the top 200 universities in the Asian University Rankings poll conducted by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) last month, Professor Dr. Pongsak Angkhasithm CMU’s President reported.

Chiang Mai University continues to focus on growth and development of excellence in academia, after its recent ranking as the third best university in Thailand and 79 out of the top 200 universities in Asia.

QS, in addition to rating CMU higher in Asia also ranked it as the third best university in Thailand as well. This year 7 Thai universities were ranked in the top 200 universities in Asia; Mahidol University ranked number 28, Chulalongkorn University number 44, CMU at 79, Thammasart University was ranked at 91, Prince of Songkhla University reached 101,Khon Kaen University numbered 122, and Kasetsart University ranked 126 in the list.

Ranking was further divided into Arts and Humanities where Chulalongkorn ranked 7 in the top 200, Thammasart 26, Mahidol 33, CMU number 42, Prince of Songkhla reached 88 and Khon Kaen was 97 in the list.

Chulalongkorn University was number 10 on the Life Sciences in Biomedicine category, while Mahidol as 18, Prince of Songkhla 52, CMU, 61, Thammasart 77, Kasetsart 82 and Khon Kaen 90.

Again ranking high in the Social Sciences category, Chulalongkorn was 9, Thammasart 26, CMU 39, Mahidol 45, Prince of Songkhla 64, Kasetsart 68 and Khon Kaen 99.

Not showing as strongly in the Natural Sciences, Chulalongkorn ranked the highest at 27 while Mahidol reached number 55, CMU 79, Prince of Songkhla 84 and Kasetsart 92nd on the list. IT and Engineering also showed Thai universities not reaching in the top 20 with Chulalongkorn leading the group at 31 in the ranking. Thammasart was much further down at 68 on the list, with Mahidol at 70, Prince of Songkhla 82nd, CMU at number 86 and Kasetsart at 100.

President Prof. Dr. Pongsak said that they were very pleased that CMU had achieved third best university in Thailand and 79 out of top 200. Concluding that, “this is because of increased evaluation of curriculum, development of the school and its students. The University will have to do more to develop its curriculum and to encourage students’ excellence so that CMU can be the University of Excellence.”

PTIS Proud to Present Students with Scholarships

Four PTIS students from grade 7, 8 and 11 received academic scholarships
from the school; Evangeline, Pahntanee, Prangphisut and Yun Baek.

By Paul Middleton

PTIS is very happy to announce the presentation of the 2010 - 2011 United World College scholarship to Ms Jana Dakini, who is currently living in Bhutan but will be joining the school as a boarder at the start of the next academic year. The United World College scholarship presents an opportunity for a student from either Timor-Leste or Bhutan to apply for admission with the benefit of a full scholarship in international schools around South East Asia. Jana will be joining Grade 11, where she can focus on studying for her IB Diploma.

Mr. Tshewang Tandin, Director General of the Bhutanese Ministry of Education said of Jana ‘She is a top student and an all-rounder with good leadership experience. I hope she will be an asset to PTIS.’ Upon receiving the news, Jana said ‘I am very happy to have won the PTIS - Bhutan UWC Scholarship. I have heard a lot about PTIS and the facilities there, and I am very excited to be joining the school.’ She continued that she hoped to be able to maintain the standards set by other Bhutanese students at PTIS. ‘A lot of Bhutanese are interested in studying at PTIS and I’m sure I can let them know what an experience it is after I get there.’

PTIS is also very proud to offer academic scholarships to four of our current students, Evangeline of Grade 7, Pahntanee of Grade 8, and Prangphisut and Yun Baek of Grade 11. Upon asking the Grade 11 students where they were hoping to be after they complete the IB Diploma at PTIS, both appeared to have pretty clear plans laid out ahead of them. Yun Baek (Samantha) explained ‘I want to go to University in London, where I want to study in Economics.’ When asked the same question, Prangphisut (Fah) told of her desire to study music composition, either here in Thailand or possibly in Australia. Scholarships are offered to those students who have shown outstanding leadership qualities and exemplary academic abilities, subject to indicators such as being elected onto the honor roll or achieving high grades in class. Congratulations go out to all of these students and their families as we look forward to monitoring their progression through the school as well as enrolling new students onto the scholarship program as time progresses.