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July 13 - July 19, 2010

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Helmet crackdown

A fight for justice



Dear Editor

Nowhere in these potentially frightening stories have I seen any clues to the very first screamingly obvious question readers will ask? Where and how can I find out if my village is on the list of earthquake zones? It’s as if the officials are saying “Some of you in Chiang Rai, especially Mae Chan, and quite a lot in Chiang Mai, are in MUCH more danger of earthquakes than others. We have a very full list. But NOOOOOO, we’re not going to tell you!” Can you shed any light on this? If we go to our Amphur office, will they laugh at us??

Yogi Bear


Helmet crackdown

Dear Editor

I understand Phuket is undergoing a “helmet crackdown” currently, it seems that the Chiang Mai police have yet to follow suit as I see many people riding around without helmets. Additionally, last night, I saw a policeman on his motorcycle wearing the helmet but it wasn’t actually strapped to his head. Leading by example is usually a good idea.

Also, many of these helmets are little more than plastic, hardly likely to protect anyone’s head much less not shatter on impact and perhaps causing even more damage. I have always wondered if they have safety standards on these things. I realize many people do not like helmets as they are hot, and ruin one’s hair but the alternative is less lovely than ‘helmet hair’.

It’s a pity that we can’t just have the laws enforced consistently than requiring the occasional ‘crackdown’ as everyone knows once the crackdown is over, they can go back to their bad habits.

Helmet hair in Chiang Mai

A fight for justice

Dear Editor:

There are well over 500,000 British ex-pat pensioners (I’ll call them BEPPs for brevity), who are being deprived of their entitlement to annual increases to their state old-age pensions!

As an individual, I have written to most of the national newspapers in Britain, in an attempt to get the Government to realise that they are, in effect, stealing from us! We all worked for 40 years or so, paying our weekly NI stamps, in order to receive an indexed pension to enable us to enjoy a comfortable retirement but our pensions have been frozen, simply because of where we chose to spend our final few years!

There are several countries where the BEPPs are in the same financial position as ourselves here in Thailand, the 3 main ones being Australia, South Africa & Canada. The BEPPs in these countries have all formed groups, continually fighting for justice (in vain so far)! There is just a small number of us fighting in Thailand & our aim is to drum up more support for the cause! There must be thousands of us here?

We are planning two meetings in Pattaya, Thursday 19 August and Sunday 22 August, both starting at 12:30 p.m. Obviously, we can’t decide on a location until we get an idea of how many people want to attend, so, if you are in the same boat as ourselves, you are more than welcome to come & join us.

I know that many of you have simply accepted the fact that your pension has been frozen by the Government & that the Government is too big an organisation to fight! That’s NOT the case, the MPs that we voted into power & the civil servants (what an oxymoron!) who run the Country, are simply ordinary human beings, like you & me!! Perhaps the Chancellor of the Exchequer thinks our “fighting days” are over because of our age? Let’s prove him wrong!

My letters to the British national press so far, seem to have fallen on stoney ground, maybe because I’ve been writing as an individual? If there were hundreds of us, all voicing the same opinion of the way we’re being unjustly treated by the British Government, perhaps they will sit up & take notice!

I’ve been reliably informed that the cost of giving us our rightly earned annual increase, would amount to only 1% of the annual state pension bill!

So, if you want to help us fight for justice, come to one of our meetings in Pattaya but e-mail me in the first instance on [email protected] , showing your commitment & then, as I said earlier, we can arrange a suitable venue!
Des Gillet

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