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Summer Camp at Traidhos

Japanese foundation donates scholarships to needy Mae Hong Son students

Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son schools ready for upcoming competition

Summer Camp at Traidhos

By Susan Kieliszewski

Early morning at the Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning (formerly known as The Prem Center) brings the quiet shuffle of waking students, even during the summer holidays. The Three-Generation Camps program welcomes students from more than five different countries this year for their summer camp, adventure camp or for the exciting Intensive English camp. Continuing to add to their curriculum and activities, the Camps program welcomes repeat students from past years while reaching out to new participants from Taiwan, Korea and the United States.

“As counsellors we see some real changes in the attitudes and comfort levels of the kids from the day when they arrive to the day when they leave. Getting campers to make their own beds is a shock to them at first, but after a week or so they actively begin to take on responsibilities without being asked,” says Adam Peacock, camp counsellor. “Sharing their days with other campers fosters the ability to feel physically comfortable with new people in new situations. They form strong bonds every day through group challenges and they also get a chance to try out leadership roles.”

Students rise early for breakfast and bunkhouse cleanup before they start their adventure-packed days. The Three-Generation camp programs have been growing and evolving for over five years into the veritable buffet of activities they offer today. Campers get a chance to take in the natural beauty of Northern Thailand’s Doi Inthanon and Mae Ngat Dam through trekking, cycling, kayaking and leisurely swims. In addition to traditional camp past times, such as archery and crafts, the camps add a taste of Thai culture for participants visiting from abroad.

With the onslaught of technology, children are spending more time spent in front of screens, and ever-decreasing times spent on physical interaction. The Three-Generation camps are trying to lift students out of their droning summer routines to experience something completely new. Highlights this year include a day-long workshop with Makhampon Living Theatre in Chiang Dao, zipping through treetops with Flight of the Gibbon and absorbing the culture of Chiang Rai’s Wat Rong Khun. Within the campus participants received hands-on science lessons by making bottle rockets to observe Newton’s Laws of Motion, they learn how to cook pizzas in a mud brick oven on the organic farm, and have fun clowning around during a circus skills workshop. These are topped off with evening barbecues to ensure a memorable summer for all participants.

Japanese foundation donates scholarships to needy Mae Hong Son students

Mr. Fuji Hidenobu, President of the Etouzaiden Foundation is joined by students who won scholarships from the Foundation.

Khajohn Boonpath

Japan’s Etouzaiden Foundation presented 74 scholarships to disadvantaged students who excelled in school on July 27.

The Foundation was set up 16 years ago to help local children by the families of those Japanese soldiers who had served in Mae Hong Son and received kindness at the hands of the locals.

Mr. Fuji Hidenobu, President of the Foundation, travelled to Mae Hong Son with other delegates from Japan, to present the scholarships. Scholarships were handed out to needy students whose grades were higher than 2.5.

Suraphan Suebfak, the Deputy Director of the Office of Mae Hong Son Provincial Education, Zone 1, and Suthep Nuchsuang, the Mayor of Mae Hong Son were on hand to welcome the Japanese delegation, to present the scholarships of 2,000 baht – 3,000 baht for each student.

The delegation will also reconsider students for further scholarships with an eventual aim of university studies in Japan.

Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son schools ready for upcoming competition

September 17 & 18

By Jedsadapong Wongkiew

Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son teachers and school heads met last week at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel to coordinate the upcoming academic skills contest to be held for secondary school students from Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son from September 17-18 at Navamintrachutid Payap in Chiang Mai.

Pramual Bhudchanon, Director of Mae Rim School chaired the meeting at which 450 teachers and school directors attended at Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel on July 12.

According to Pramual Bhudchanon, Director of Mae Rim School and chairman of the preparation meeting,, said that the contest was a way to encourage students to display their academic skills “This is a stage for them to exchange and learn more as well as present their work to the general public,” he added.

The contest will be divided into 8 categories. In addition to allowing students to show off their academic abilities the contest will also showcase the most outstanding works.