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In response to “Concerned Repeat Visitor”

A Cowardly Act


In response to “Concerned Repeat Visitor”

Hello Folks,

I wanted to make a response to John Ford’s letter regarding limits to where you can drink or smoke. I am neither a drinker or smoker, but when I am eating, I don’t care for smokers. There is no other reason to smoke other than as a fulfillment of ones’s wants- at the possible expense of others. This is reason enough to be civil, and not smoke around other. Yes. It can possibly be a hassle for some, but what law is nice for everyone?

The drinking issue, as far as limiting the hours, is only to support drinking around meal times. It would seem to me that someone drinking only might have some problems, so other than having to have a watch when you drink, what is the problem with the limiting of hours?

I have lived in Chiang Mai fulltime for 26 years, and I generally like the way the police do things.. It seems to me that legal issues are usually only dealt with because it is a problem for many people. Yes, prostitution is illegal as a moral issue, but generally, it is not a problem for most people, or even a lot of people. I don’t like prostitution at all, but it has never been a problem for me, and I have never seen the ‘bad’ side of it. I also appreciate that one never has to be concerned about getting ‘pulled over’ by any police car. And I think the percentage of good car drivers in Thailand is higher than the US or other countries in my experience.

I love living here. It is a great country, but it is unlike most other countries,  feel. If you want to be happy here, relax and let things happen. After awhile, I feel sure you will understand my feelings.

I have rattled on enough.


A Cowardly Act

Dear Editor:

Your recent article by Khun Thanyarat regarding Mark Thaokhamlue has prompted me to make the following comments;

First and most important this young man is an outstanding singing talent. However, he is a teenager and sometimes teenagers say inappropriate things-as do adults I might add.

Mark’s dream was to become a star by showing the world what he had to offer and he did that beautifully at his farewell performance for Academy Fantasia the night of July 17th in Bangkok .In fact his performance was incredible. Not only did he sing with strength and feeling, he spoke with heartfelt words begging Thai’s to unite as one.

A young man or young woman does not give up their dreams voluntarily. Mark was forced off that show and literally run out of Bangkok by un-named corporate executives whose interest was not in this young man’s future dreams but in their own selfish interests. They forced him out after the Prime Minister accepted Mark’s apology and urged him to stay on the show. The corporate powers in Bangkok prevailed and Mark is back home attending to completing high school and getting ready for the University as he should do.

On stage-in Bangkok on the 17th of July, in front of 8000 people and a nationwide TV audience, Witthawat Thaokhamlue, age 17 showed more courage and more strength than the people who are suppose to set an example for the youth of Thailand.

Mark will be a success in life — he will achieve his dreams—COUNT ON IT!