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Southern products fair a big hit

Mae Hong Son natural wonders to be promoted

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Southern products fair a big hit

Jedsadapong Wongkiew

Pearls and Southern batik products were some of the many products on display at the “Lanna ways of life and exposing the Andaman” fair that was held at Chiang Mai University recently in a bid to bring Southern products to the North.

Mrs. Nongnuch Puanla-iard, the operator of Bagan Batik Clothes Group from Krabi in front of her batik products at the fair held at CMU.

Ms. Supin Wannakarn, of the Muk Anda Shop brought pearls, pearl products, and ornaments from Krabi, said that she participated in this first Southern products fair, “to bring in the Southern products to show and to seek more markets in Chiang Mai and other northern provinces. The pearls have been brought from Phuket farms, which is one of the province’s OTOP products. We have had good sales over the past two days, with many of our client’s government officials. We hope this will expand our customer base.”

“Prices range from 1,000 baht and up, depending on pearl form, shape or quality, if it is a big pearl and the good then the price will be high,” she said. She added that the jewelry design and quality of silver or gold will also affect the price.

Pearl is graded and the higher the grade the higher the price, she added. She noted that most of the pearls are produced in Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga and Satun.

Pearls from the Andaman were a popular sale at the Southern products fair held at CMU recently.

Mrs. Nongnuch Puanla-iard, the operator of a batik clothes shop and a member of the Bagan Batik Clothes Traders Group from Krabi said that the group is comprised of previously unemployed housewives.

“Members were mostly those affected from the tsunami in 2004 and from fishing families. The group has been helped by the Provincial Authorities and has about 29 members in the group producing batik clothes for sale.”

“Many of the designs on display and for sale here have been created by members of the group while some have been designed by students who want practice their skills by designing for the group. We hope to open up more markets for our batik products in the North,” she said.

She added that most of her clients were foreigners, especially the Japanese, and Thai government officials who like to buy these kinds of products as gifts for their bosses or supervisors.

“We had a good response from the fair with about 80 percent of our clients ordering products in large amounts, particularly for Japan and Germany,” added Nongnuch.


Mae Hong Son natural wonders to be promoted

Chiang Mai Mail reporters

Mae Hong Son is promoting its newest tourist attraction by opening up Doi Tai Laeng on the Thai-Myanmar borders for travelers.

The Mae Hong Son Provincial Authorities have joined with Thai military authorities to open its Doi Tai Laeng as a new tourist destination with cool weather and natural beauty year round.

Mae Hong Son Governor Kamthorn Thawornsathit announces the newest tourist destination for the province.

Mae Hong Son governor Kamthorn Thawornsathit said that Doi Tai Laeng in Tambon Pangmapha, Pangmapha district is as high as 1,000 meters above sea mean level, bordering Myanmar’s Shan state.

The Governor noted that Doi Tai Laeng Mountain will be a beautiful destination featuring the unique local communities of Tai Yai or Shan people.

It is about 56 kilometers from Pang Mapha district town and a further 8 kilometers from Ban Pang Kham to Doi Tai Laeng.

“However, during the rainy season travelers must use four-wheel drive trucks to reach the top of Doi Tai Laeng Mountain, where you can the Shan state clearly and also experience the lifestyle of the Tai Yai people,” he remarked.

The weather is cool year round and especially appealing to those who love green and virgin forests. Ban Pang Oong in the Muang district of Mae Hong Son is another destination open year round.

Col Uthai Chaichana, the Commander of the 7th Infantry Regiment based in Mae Hong Son added that for the border defense and security, “there are no problems because Doi Tai Laeng is in Thailand and the military authorities will be on hand to help with access and facilities.

“About 300 tents could be set up as for camping, while food can be bought from vendors at shops along the border. The Thai military provide security for this newest attraction to be opened on the Thai-Myanmar border,” he noted.

Where do we go from here?

By J.P. Boyd

In previous articles, comparisons of Thailand, in general, and Chiang Mai in particular were evaluated for retirement purposes in the context of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The physiological needs of shelter, food, water and air were discussed, as well as the second level of needs, regarding safety and security (protection from physical threat and psychological safety). In this article, the third level, social esteem explored for Thailand and Sicily.

Appreciation, competence and status are the last three factors on the fourth level of Maslow’s Hierarchy. One facet of relocating half way around the world is that you have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to “re-invent” yourself. You’re not required to bring all of your “personal” baggage with you. A conversation was overheard in Thailand, one of whom was espousing the virtues of a third person, stating “He was a Neurophysicist in the States.” The recipient of the information stated, “Everyone is a Neurophysicist by the time they reach Thailand.”

I’m not recommending being false, but “omission” can go a long way toward boosting your competence and status. One friend in Sicily continues to tell people she’s been married five times. Its doubtful number “six” is in her future. You have lost all your fortune in America. You’re broke. Does everyone on the other side of the globe need to know? By not utilizing a “filter” for such information, your opportunities are limited wherever you go.

The same rules for acquiring friends and obtaining the necessary esteem you used in your old place of residence apply to your new place of residence. “To have a friend, you need to be a friend. Be patient. Try to understand the person you are communicating with if it is in another tongue. Don’t be arrogant or demeaning about background differences. Share what you have. In Italy, it’s vegetables. They’re sold in huge quantities: plenty to share with neighbors.

My Mother’s advice: consider myself an anthropologist of the world, even in my own backyard. Margaret Mead looked at every person, as unearthing a whole new tribe of individuals who “do things differently”. Don’t disagree. Think, “Oh, how fascinating! So this tribe does it that way.” Not everyone need be a part of your chosen tribe, but that attitude will go a long way toward securing your social and esteem needs.

Next week we discuss reaching self actualization by maximizing your personal potential.