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Book Review

Book Review: by Lang Reid

Genius of Love

Phil Nicks has done it again - another thought provoking book with the provocative title of Genius of Love (ISBN 978-616-90336-3-9, Fast Track Publishing, September 2010).

Author Phil Nicks describes himself as an itinerant UK exile, outsider rascal and uncompromising enemy of political correctness, which would certainly give him a big fan base in Thailand at least!

The book is divided into several sections with the Introduction laying out the five primary categories of relationships. According to the gospel of St. Nicks, there is True (Unconditional) Love, Free-Market Love, Romantic Love, Short Love Contracts and Manacled Love Contracts, which sounds as if naughty Nicks is into B&D or S&M, but no. This category covers matrimony for social upgraders, manacled co-dependents and insiders with a penchant for bona-fide relationship bureaucracy.

By chapter 3, Nicks is giving good advice to the Asian tyro. “Men from all over the globe head to the sensual paradise of Asia in search of love. Not a bad option for victims of gender warfare who are too familiar with divorce lawyers and child support agencies; and others unable to command respect in the dating game on their home turf.” Many readers will relate to that, I am sure.

While the western world sneers at arranged marriages, Nicks puts forward the concept that Asian women may even be happy with the Patriarch making the decision. After all, that has been the culture for thousands of years.

If many of the men who write to our Hillary column were to have read Genius of Love beforehand, their problems would probably never occurred. “The sex industry is not an appropriate scouting ground for anyone seeking True Love.” How true, how true!

And further sage advice comes at the close of chapter 4 with the statement: “If you instruct a Thai private eye to check on the fidelity of your Thai (bar) girlfriend there is a five percent chance you will receive good news.” A sobering thought, surely.

The (somewhat elusive) True Love is examined and all the positive aspects are mentioned, such as Love being an antidote to cancer, makes you more intelligent, lowers your cholesterol level and combats exposure to the cold and flu viruses. A veritable universal panacea for all ills.

Author Nicks takes the reader into the Law of Attraction, which quite frankly I found too esoteric to be believable. “A sanitized mind overflowing with positive empowering thoughts and beliefs is necessary for the True Love experience.” Adding to that, “inner essence” and “spirituality” are not in my psychological grab-bag I’m afraid.

Phil Nick’s Thai partner is planning to offer Genius of Love workshops in Thailand’s principal cities. Nicks says, “We are promoting genuine loving relationships between farang and Thais.” He is also opening up Fast Track Publishing to other writers - [email protected]

An interesting book and at B. 495 it is an easy read. Pick up and put down at will. Despite the bibliography (with the Kama Sutra top billing), Phil Nicks will not tire your brain; however, you do have to get a little too much metaphysical for me. But then I’m not seeking True Love.