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PTIS students visit Care for Dogs

Khon Kaen University President wins Golden Garuda Award

CMU Puppet troupe wins silver medal in Vietnam

Student exhibition at ArtSpace

Grandma Cares sponsors visit from the U.S.

PTIS students visit Care for Dogs

21 students accompanied by 2 staff from PTIS Tri Saidhos school came to the Care for Dogs shelter today for a guided tour, a chance to walk some dogs and a surprise chance to get down & dirty with some really interesting characters.

Students from Prem help wash dogs at the Care for Dogs Shelter.

Hanna & Jum had done a splendid job of preparing for the visit with chilled water, clean towels (for the dogs!) and a regimented schedule that looked good but went to pieces after just 30 minutes, as no students means no visit!

But all that changed when the students arrived and the group were welcomed by the usual break the ice chat and introduction to the shelter at the gate.

Once inside, groups defined and make up and hair etc. adjusted ! (these young folks) the volunteers set about their allotted tasks and doing their best to help the students grasp the most of this opportunity.

Some of the dogs walked themselves, some just didn’t want to walk at all. Showers were special, with amitraz and Melasab shampoo for skin cases. Everyone talked about bloody problems, poo disposal and behavioural therapies, whilst discussing dog issues too, the 2 hour visit just flew by.

Khon Kaen University President wins Golden Garuda Award

Chiang Mai Mail reporters

The President of Khon Kaen University (KKU) has received the prestigious ‘Golden Garuda Award’ awarded by the Civil Service Association of Thailand to the outstanding university president in the country.

Hon. Prof. Dr. Sumon Sakolchai, President of Khon Kaen University, was awarded the Golden Garuda as outstanding university President.

Hon. Prof. Dr. Sumon Sakolchai, who has occupied the position of KKU President for two terms, marking 8 years in office, has devoted himself to helping develop the university into a world-class institute.

Recently the president of the Civil Service Association in Bangkok, Jadoon Aphichartabutre, named its most outstanding government officials for the year 2007-2008. The Association’s selection committee, chaired by Kajadpai Buruspat, selected KKU President Hon. Prof. Dr. Sumon Sacholchai as one of the 10 best government officials in civil service.

The awards are divided into different categories; for permanent Secretary of State for ministries: Charun Pakdeethanakul, former Permanent Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice.

For director-general of departments: Preecha Watcharapai, former Secretary-General of the Office of the Civil Service Commission; Panida Kamphuna Ayutthaya, former Director-General of Social Development and Welfare Department; Pornthip Jala, Secretary General of the Council of State; and Anucha Mokhaves, Director General of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department.

For provincial governors: Karund Supakitchwilekhakarn, former Governor of Chumporn; Poonsawas Pranutnoraparn, Governor of Chantaburi; and Sayumporn Limthai, Governor of Rayong. For university president: Hon. Prof. Dr. Sumon Sakolchai, President of Khon Kaen University.

For the last category, Thai ambassador: Don Poramatwinai, Ambassador to Washington DC.

CMU Puppet troupe wins silver medal in Vietnam

The members of the Hobby Hut Thai Folk Puppet Troupe were thrilled to earn a silver medal in the competition in which 18 troupes from 12 countries around the world participated.

The Hobby Hut Thai Folk Puppet Troupe, which consists of members of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Chiang Mai University, alumnae and current students won the silver medal at the 2nd International Marionette Festival held in Hanoi, Vietnam last month.

The marionettes on stage are highly detailed and wear traditional costumes in their performance of the classic folk tale.

The troupe presented Suwanna Hoi Sang, a traditional folk marionette performance which also won them awards in Excellency of Puppet Design and Excellency of Fine Arts Design. They were supported by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in their endeavour.

Student exhibition at ArtSpace

Shana Kongmun

Area schools are participating in a gallery exhibition of student works at ArtSpace on Sirimangkalajarn Soi 7 on November 13.. The third year of the show, this year even more schools are participating, with PTIS, Chiang Mai International School, Lanna International School, American Pacific International School and NIS joining in. Over 400 children are submitting works for the show with the theme “Behind the Door”. All drawings will be 7 by 9 inches, door shaped, and can be either a drawing or a painting. The show will be curated thematically rather than by age so as to give a greater representation to all students as high school and primary school age students will be participating.

Laura Spector, who will be curating the ArtSpace show noted, “The show allows kids to explore their own narrative. I like the idea of culture evolving and Lanna culture evolving. This show will celebrate the international aspects of that evolution.”

All works will be for sale and there will be prizes for elementary and high school students. The exhibition opens Saturday, November 13 at noon and there will be a closing party at 4 PM.

Grandma Cares sponsors visit from the U.S.

Grandma Cares encourages people to sponsor families in their program, which provides aid and education children living with their grandparents. Most of the children are HIV/Aids orphans. Pictured here is sponsor Gregg Stradiotto of Sedona, Arizona visiting Nong A and her grandparents in Doi Saket. Many Grandma Cares sponsors fly in from different parts of the world to visit with their adopted families in Chiang Mai.