Noi’s Cuisine

Cheap, cheerful, tasty – Italian eatery off Canal Road

By Brian Baxter

Let’s be honest: this little local eatery is not grand, not even slightly grand. It does not boast an extensive range of Italian delicacies, nor a fancy wine list (the house wine is a snip at 55 baht) nor is there fine linen and silver service. Many of the customers are young Thais, including students, plus a sprinkling of in the know farangs. As the headline suggests the place is friendly, the food simple and tasty, and well – what more do you expect for around 150 baht a head for a three course meal or two hundred with a glass of vino?

So, in short, don’t head up to the Huay Kaew Road end of Canal Road, if you want imported meats, truffles with your ravioli and home made panna cotta or ice cream of the quality you will get at Gianni di Burchio. However if you are on a budget, then how about creamed spinach with cheese (45 baht), a spaghetti dish (75 baht) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (15 baht)? You can even take you own wine and so far as I can see there is little or no charge for that. Naturally they sell mineral water, soft drinks and beers.

The menu is in Thai and English and divides up as follows: there are a small range of appetizers, including grilled eggplant and the delicious spinach, a selection of salads with fresh lettuces, thinly cut onions, baby tomatoes –ranging from Caesar or grilled chicken through much of the alphabet to tuna. The pastas come with two basic sauces, tomato and pesto and any range of additions from bacon to – well - tuna. These are all at 75 baht. You can also enjoy a pizza from a choice of about eight – I thought the capriccioso fine. There’s a tiny selection of ‘fancier’ dishes of which the most expensive is a salmon steak, grilled at 135 baht, plus grilled fish and a ‘steak’. Take my tip and stay with the pasta. Ice cream is always available, plus the occasional dessert such as chocolate cake (45 baht).

The style of the place is naturally very relaxed with seating for up to 30 people, mostly tables for four plus some rather small round ones for two and a sofa style arrangement. There’s a silent TV in one corner of the square room, a counter which shields us from the kitchen and a pleasant staff. The Noi of the restaurant appears to be the chef/owner Khun Suriyon Panta, who keeps a watchful eye on the proceedings which are friendly and not too noisy.

They are open from 10a.m. until 11p.m.and days off are announced on a board in the dining room a few days ahead. You can always ring on either 053 893 193 (ext 1600) or on the mobile 086 125 1791 to check and also to confirm directions. The actual address is 52 Soi 4 Canal Road and the restaurant is adjoining the Linley Condo. To get there by car (park in the condo grounds) you can head up Huay Kaew Road and cross the junction at Canal Road then make an immediate left turn at the ‘doughnut shop’ about 10 metres after the crossing. Follow down to Sea Breeze condo, turn left and Noi’s is on the left. Or coming from Canal Road turn left into Soi 4 and you’ll find it about 150 metres on the left.

Alternatively take a tuk tuk – at these prices you can afford to.


Pork and Bell Peppers

This is a typical stir-fry and quite easy to prepare and cook. The recipe is originally from a Korean stir-fry. As with all stir-fries, be careful not to overcook.

Ingredients            Serves 4
Pork fillet                          500 gm
Green bell peppers (capsicum)     2
Red bell peppers                        1
Vegetable oil                   2 tbspns
Onion (large, chopped)                1
Garlic, chopped fine          2 cloves
Light soy sauce               2 tbspns
Corn flour                        2 tbspns

Salt to taste

Cooking Method

Flatten the pork and then cut the pork into thin bite-sized slices. Wash and remove seeds from inside of the bell peppers and then cut into thin strips.

Mix the corn flour with two tablespoons of cold water and set aside.

In the wok, heat the oil and stir-fry the pork strips for two minutes. Then add onion, garlic and bell peppers and stir-fry for three minutes.

Add 250 ml boiling water, add salt and soy sauce and cook for one minute. Now slowly add the corn flour mixture to thicken the liquid in the wok and slowly cook for another three minutes.

Pour into a warmed serving dish and garnish with chopped coriander or spring onion.