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November 16 - Tuesday November 30, 2010

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Something new on the way to Lamphun

Airport taxi fee

Clean city streets


Something new on the way to Lamphun

The Bakery off the Lamphun road past the rail station
 has delicious cakes and coffee.

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

This may be of interest to your readers although it does not concern Chiangmai directly.

I have lived in Chiangmai for six years and only just discovered that there is a road to Lamphun that runs alongside the railway line. It’s funny I have travelled thousands of kilometres around Thailand but never knew about something on my doorstep so to speak.

When I discovered that road I discovered two other things, one was six kilometres from Chiangmai Railway Station on the right hand side of the road there is a coffee shop called “The Bakery “.

I know this will sound like an advertisement and I guess it is in a way, but the coffee’s, soft drinks and cakes are not to be missed. The shop is air conditioned and what us English would call cosy. It’s run by a lovely lady and her husband, who both speak good English.

The other thing I discovered is a restaurant in Lamphun called the “ Add up Coffee Bar” it’s a riverside restaurant almost opposite Lamphun’s famous “ Wat Haripunchai”. The menu is extensive, you name it and they have it. I have tried the spaghetti and meat balls, also the pork steak which were both delicious. They have all the Thai foods as well of course. The restaurant is fully air conditioned and there are also tables by the riverside. The prices of the meals were also very reasonable, certainly not overpriced. Oh and the Buds Ice Cream they have is simply the best!

If this will be of interest to your readers and they might want to know more feel free email me [email protected]

All the very best to you All at “The Mail”

Yours sincerely,


Airport taxi fee

Dear Editor

I haven’t visited Chiang Mai for years now, I must admit, so was a bit surprised when I flew in the other day to find a 50 baht airport fee tacked onto the taxi meter price. Perhaps the taxis must pay a fee to the airport to pick up passengers. But given that there is zero public transportation out of the airport other than these taxis, and the ride into town only cost me 60 baht in the first place, an airport fee that is almost the same price as my fare seems excessive.

I would be interested where this fee goes, what it pays for and what the point really is, if it were being collected to institute buses into town, for instance, then that is fine. But, I must admit, that this fee, like the one at Suvarnabhumi, does make me wonder.

Wondering at the Airport taxi fee

Clean city streets

Dear Editor

When walking along the streets of Thailand there are certain things, although maybe strange to some of us, that are completely natural here and as a westerner who has lived in this country for the past eight years you get used to them.

However I have noticed something different while walking the streets of Chiang Mai recently and it’s the total lack of rubbish. It’s so refreshing to see that someone in authority is actually bothered about this and has taken a small amount of pride in their city, their country and the way they look. I hear through a good friend that the Mayor of Chiang Mai is responsible for this breath of fresh air and I wish to thank him personally. Even my Mum, who has been coming to Chiang Mai since 2003, was pleasantly surprised on her most recent visit.

I now live in the small town of Pai, in Mae Hong Son province, and we have an overwhelming problem with our waste management as the tourists continue to flood in. It’s even one of the sights you can now see as you fly into town. If the Mayor is looking for a new challenge, Pai is only a 20 minute flight away!

Pleasantly surprised,
Ed Burt

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