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Chiang Mai Zoo re-opens Kids Zone

Student artists exhibit their works “Behind the door”

CMU ranked number 3 in Thailand for research

Chiang Mai students aim to study abroad


Chiang Mai Zoo re-opens Kids Zone

Dr. Thawat Tanasit of Chiang Mai Ram Hospital joins
the Chiang Mai Zoo team to launch the newly renovated Kids Zone.

Jittarporn Charusram

The Chiang Mai Zoo‘s Education Department opened its renewed “Zoo Kids Zone Learning Center on November 17 when Thanapat Pong-amorn, Director of Chiang Mai Zoo and the Zoo management team were on hand to welcome Dr Thawat Tansathit, Director of Medicine and Information of Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, who opened the newly renovated Zoo Kids Zone.

The ten year old Kids Corner was renovated into a more holistic learning center for children, with an exhibition hall and unique displays of animal skeletons, eggs, fur and more. There are also separate areas for a library, painting, garden, and wildlife in an effort to more wholly integrate the learning process to get children more closely in touch with wildlife and the forest and tropical plants.

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, the Bank of Sri Ayuthaya, Saha Pattanapibul and schools helped support the renovation, allowing the area to be open to the public free of charge, Zoo Director Thanapat noted. For more information, please contact 053 – 210 374, 053 – 221179 ext. 179, 211 or email: [email protected].

Kids take part in learning about animals
and their habitat at the new Kids Zone at the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Student artists exhibit their works “Behind the door”

Artspace Chiang Mai held their second annual show featuring the works of students from international schools around Chiang Mai, this year with a theme of “Behind the door”. Each piece of art was a prescribed door shaped size with the idea being that the frame was the door and each student was to imagine what was “behind the door”. The ages ranged from primary school to high school and the creativity and range shown by the students was diverse and unique.

Ingyu Park took first place in the elementary category for his piece at Artspace Chiang Mai.

Ingyu Park in the 4th grade at Nakornpayap International School (NIS) won first place in the elementary category for his drawing of another world behind the door, and Daniel Emilsson in the 11th grade at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) won in the high school category for his drawing of a man gesturing welcome into a world of black and white.

High school second and third place winners were Michele Cosi of NIS, 10th Grade and Wanrada Vichaithanaruk, CMIS, 12th Grade while the second and third place winners for the elementary category were Arielle Erickson, CMIS, Grade 5 and Hannah Dodge, CMIS, Grade 6.

High school winning artwork was submitted by Daniel Emilsson who attends Chiang Mai International School.

Honorable mentions went to Jessica Jang (Lanna), Thanat Prathnadi (Lanna), Karo Kasper, Ambiam Taskinen (Lanna), Gyu Seung Lim (Lanna), Jessica Patkamint (APIS), Pemica Klasukhon (APIS), Nattaros Chongsanguan (APIS), Diana Vornicu (APIS), Arysa Kurata (PTIS)

Mandy Chang (NIS), Sunshine Shim (NIS), Clare Tayani Tuckson (NIS), Kim Cheong, (NIS)

Nisa Meeldijk (NIS), Helen Lee (NIS), Sunisa Frandsen (NIS), Jenny Yeji (NIS), Gideon Lee (NIS) and Jasmine Richardson (NIS).

CMU ranked number 3 in Thailand for research

By Phitsanu Thepthong

Chiang Mai University (CMU) has been ranked as number 3 out of 14 Thai research universities and 981 out of 2,833 universities worldwide. CMU President Prof. Dr. Pongsak Ungkasit told Chiang Mai Mail that the ranking for the best international research institutes was processed by SClmago Institutes Ranking (SIR) World Report 2010: Global Ranking.

CMU President Prof. Dr. Pongsak Ungkasit
reports on CMU’s international ranking.

The SClmago Institutes Ranking (SIR) World report 2010: Global Ranking ranks the latest international research institutes, organizations and educational institutions, and their research works have been conducted for 2010 and being submitted for a world class university.

This year, the ranking was announced recently and 14 of Thailand’s institutes were ranked among the worldwide research universities and educational institutions for International Research Institutes. He said more than 2,800 research and educational institutions worldwide took part.

He said for evaluation and ranking, they use the database and number of published papers and referenced from 2004-2008 in the Scopus database with the following criteria.

1. Output: Number of papers printed in the journal of peer-reviewed.

2. International Collaboration: its proportion of all paper works published in cooperation with international institutions

3. Normalized Impact: the percentage of the citation of the institution when compared to the average of the citation in the world (world average).

4. High Quality Publication: Percentage of articles published in leading journals in the first 25% of the Journal Rank SJR indicator.

For the 14 top Thai institutes or organizations that were ranked in order are

(The number in parentheses is the global ranks) Chulalongkorn University, (527), Mahidol University ( 539), Chiang Mai University (981), Prince of Songkla University, (1,298), Siriraj Hospital (1316), Kasetsart University (1,416), Khon Kaen University (1,462), King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (1,763rd) , the King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, (1,780), Asian Institute of Technology (1,917), Thammasat University (2220), Suranaree University of Technology, (2,562), Silapakorn University (2806), and Mahasarakham University, (2,807)

They were also ranked into Health Sciences where

Mahidol University was ranked 271, Chulanglongkorn University 413, Siriraj Hospital 528 and CMU was ranked 759.

In Life Sciences Mahidol ranked 25, Chulalongkorn University was ranked 562, Kasetsart University was ranked the 784th, and CMU was ranked the 829th.

In Physical Sciences Chualalonkorn University was ranked the 614th, while CMU was 1071, and Mahidol 1167.

For more information visit SIR World report 2010: Global Ranking, and

Chiang Mai students aim to study abroad

Students from Chiang Mai and the North took part in Interview Day
at Amari Rincome Hotel in order to study overseas.

Nopniwat Krailerg

Northern students wishing to further their studies abroad were given the opportunity to interview for Australian and British universities at an Interview Day held at the Amari Rincome Hotel at the beginning of November and organized by Mentor International.

Wathanee Kwangyoo, Education Supervisor of Mentor International, established in 1986, said that staff from various educational institutions came to Chiang Mai to interview students interested furthering their studies abroad. She noted an increase of 25 percent in interested students from previous years. She added that the service was very helpful for Northern students who may not have the chance to travel to Bangkok for the interviews.

The University of Bristol, Brunel University, University of East Anglia, Oxford Brookes University, University of Reading, and the University of St Andrews Study Group were among the U.K. Universities that took part while from Australia the University of Adelaide and Monash University were on hand.