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Health & Wellbeing
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The holidays and addiction

McCormick Hospital wins award from BSA


The holidays and addiction

By Cait Saul

After the holiday season many addicts in recovery will take a deep breath and be thankful that the holiday season has came to end. This is because it is common for addicts in recovery to feel extra stress during the holidays. During the holidays, people are often stressed out about family gatherings, lack of family gatherings, loneliness, finances, and even gift buying. All this may be over, but many people recovering from an addiction forget about the stress and problems that come after the holidays.

It is crucial for a person recovering from an addiction to be aware of the risks of relapsing during and after the holiday season and understand that there are things that can help them during these times. It is common for recovering addicts and non-addicts alike to experience a great amount of excitement and joy during the holidays and then crash right after. Therapists suggest that the frantic pace of preparing for holiday parties, dinners, shopping, gatherings, and celebrations can result in a period of depression right after the holidays are over.

For those recovering from an addiction, they are at a great risk for relapsing during the month of January and even into February. During these months, especially January, the reality that the holidays are over begins to set in. Many people will realize that they shopped too much and have a large stack of bills that must be paid. For other people, they realize that they must return to their normal routine which may seem very boring at times. This is because they have just gone through of 6 weeks of holiday excitement that has been further promoted by the media, television, family, and friends.

Many people think that the New Year is a time to make resolutions or promises to themselves. A resolution may be to lose weight, get e new job, finish a project, or for a recovering addict, stay clean, go to more meetings, etc. The problem with resolutions is that it is easier said than done. Many times a person realizes that they are not able to follow through with these resolutions, this may cause a great deal of self disappointment that could cause low self esteem, depression, and for those trying to recover from an addiction, a possible risk of relapsing.

The best thing that anyone trying to get over an addiction can do is to maintain a consistent support system. Part of having a support system is to attend various support groups and recovery meetings that provide that much needed help and guidance for recovering addicts during this time period. When attending these meetings, people will realize that they are not the only ones experiencing the holiday stress.

If you or someone you know is having addiction issues, The Cabin Chiang Mai is one such place to seek help, [email protected] AA and other support groups are also found in our community calendar pages.


McCormick Hospital wins award from BSA

The Business Software Alliance awarded McCormick Hospital a golden certificate worth 99,999 baht to recognize their participation in a program that highlights the benefits of using genuine software. In turn, executives at Thai companies endorsed the value that genuine software has delivered for their businesses. 171 businesses that participated in the BSA’s Golden Opportunity campaign received the certificate. Dr. Adul Warin, a director of McCormick Hospital Chiang Mai, received the gold plaque worth 99,999 baht for the company’s participation in the BSA campaign.

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