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Jagajee on Nimman

The selection of tapas varies from month to month and while you can check Jagajee’s Facebook page, you needn’t worry that the changing menu will mean anything other than you need to go back regularly to try the owner’s newest dishes.

By Heather Allen
The first time my friend stepped into the tapas restaurant called Jagajee on Nimmanhaemin she exclaimed, “If it weren’t for the signs in Thai, I would think I was in Europe!” The long bar showcases the various tapas dishes on the menu, which changes monthly. The range of tapas dishes often offer a variety of fusion Thai-Western flavors, with chef and owner Vin Threeprom recommending his divine specialty, pureed cashews with roasted red pepper.

The dishes range in flavors, goulash, hummus, anchovies, even potato salad at times. The bar offers reasonably priced tasty red and white wines, mixed drinks and their specialty, Prosecco. Bar Fry next door, from the same owner, offers a selection of tasty, if not quite so healthy French fries with various dips, sauces and condiments for 60-70 Baht. The seating is casual, in the tapas bar itself stools line up alongside the bar which has a glass front showing off the tapas, or you can sit outside Bar Fry, again on stools at larger tables. The owner is friendly and eager to introduce you to his dishes, offering recommendations in excellent English, and apparently German since he lived in Germany for many years before returning to Thailand.

The atmosphere is casual yet friendly and open with cheerful staff checking on you to make sure everything is good and the owner topping up the plates of bread when needed. Two people could easily get by with 4-5 dishes, we were four and had about 8-9 dishes. Oregano chicken, pesto pasta, anchovies, hummus, gulasch, and several more. And two of the cashew puree! The price per dish is a very reasonable 50 baht.

Bar Fry proper is on Nimmanhaemin soi 15 while Jagajee fronts on to Nimmanhaemin directly across from Hillside 3. The restaurant is closed on Mondays, open in the evenings Tuesday- through Sunday. A great place to stop by for delicious food in a casual atmosphere, we all gave Jagajee four thumbs up!



Banana blossom curry with pork

Banana is a universally useful plant (as well as bamboo). I have cooked banana stalk curry before but today I choose banana blossoms to cook with pork. For me, I prefer chicken but pork is also delicious. Banana blossom is slightly astringent. Most of the women in my village who just gave birth to their babies will eat this curry at least once because it helps to produce breast milk!

Kaeng Pli or Banana Blossom curry, a Northern specialty

Banana blossom also helps you resist Anemia and is good for functions of the blood system because it has high iron and reduces sugar in the blood so it’s perfectly good to cook for diabetics, and because it has fiber it reduces the symptoms of Gastritis and alleviates digestive system problems.

First you must make the curry paste which consists of about 10 dried chilies, a stalk of lemongrass, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 shallots, 1 tsp of shrimp paste, 3 tsp salt. Pound together until it forms a paste.

Now to make the curry!
500 g of chopped banana blossoms, take only young petals or hearts from young small trees, chopped banana blossom need to be soaked in water with lime juice to avoid discoloring.

300 g of pork or pork ribs (chicken or fish will work too)
5 to10 cherry tomatoes.

Stir fry the curry paste in the cooking oil with very low heat until it gives a good smell, be careful don’t let it burn! Add the pork and stir fry for a short time until it is braised. Pour in 500 ml of water and bring to a boil without stirring!

When the pork is well cooked add the banana blossom and tomatoes, remove from heat when the banana blossoms become tender, add chopped acacia pennata, pepper vine leaves and parsley. Fish sauce to taste. Serve with rice.

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