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The 13th Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee cup

All the players in the Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee Cup had a great time.

By Chris Dodd
Last month an 8 team junior cricket competition took place at the Maeonwittayalai School in Mae On, Chiang Mai. The tournament was to be the last of the Sawasdee junior cricket season, the season resumes again in November. A big occasion for the kids as the 13th Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee cup is the biggest event on the junior cricket calendar.

Nok won best all rounder at the 13th Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee Cup.

On a very hot summer day the cricket tournament got under way with all 8 teams at full strength, we were hoping to see a quality competition and we were not disappointed.

The lunch, fruit and goody bags for each team were provided by our sponsors, Simone Ell and Colleen O’Brien supporters of the Chiang Mai Sixes. The tournament was set to go with 8 teams, 2 groups of four:

Sibonyeun v Wat Ban Jam started things off in group 1, while Wat Muangkwak v Huai Keao got group 2 on the way. Sibonyeun, always slow to get going but they also didn’t play well against their opponents, every pair struggling to make runs.

They scored 236 in their 8 overs in reply Wat Ban Jam also struggled to put decent partnerships together but somehow managed to score 237 to win by 1 run. Meanwhile Wat Muangkwak soon got into their stride with a comfortable win by 52 runs over Huai Keao.

An took the prize as best batsman.

The 3rd game of group 2, Wat Muangkwak v Sahakornsong was the biggest game of the day, it was always going to be one or the other of these two teams who would probably go on to win the trophy, the outcome was a win by Wat Muangkwak by 10 runs.

In group 1, things were all very even, no one really playing to their full potential, everyone making lots of mistakes and the group ended up with no clear winner. Many of the girls of the Maeonwittyalai School played well but they didn’t have enough depth in their squad to make any impact and they lost every game by significant margins, but all the other games in the group went right down to the wire. The game between Wat Ban Jam v Baukcroknoi had just 3 runs in it, the win by Wat Ban Jam was enough to place them 3rd overall in the tournament with Baukcroknoi finishing 4th.

Cent won first place as best bowler.

Group 2 had a clear winner in the group and in the overall table in Wat Muangkwak with Sahakornsong 2nd in the group and again in the overall standings, the surprise package was Tambon Rimping from Lamphun who have only been playing cricket for 2 months and had only learnt to bowl just 3 weeks before the tournament. Despite getting thrashed by Wat Muangkwak they only lost by 4 runs to Sahakornsong and finished in 6th place overall, quite unbelievable stuff, so well done to the Rimping boys and their teacher Ajarn Tooh for putting in a great performance.

Congratulations to the winners of the 13th Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee Cup: Muangkwak School from Lamphun, Runners up: Sahakornsong School from Mae On and 3rd Wat Ban Jam School from Lamphun.

An excellent display of junior cricket from all the teams but there was no real surprise to see Wat Muangkwak school the best of the Lamphun school teams finishing as winners on the day.

For all the latest junior cricket reports go to: www. or

Road cycling in Chiang Mai

Cycling in the rain to Mae Hong Son

By MicaŽla Hobbs
Cycling as a sport has had a massive increase in popularity worldwide over the last few years with millions of people jumping on a saddle for the sake of exercise, recreation, to raise money for good causes as the number of biking charity events/challenges increase and for other reasons such as a way of increasing awareness by example of cutting our fuel consumption and dependence on the car as a form of transport.

Cycling is high profile. World renowned races, such as The Tour de France and The Tour Down Under are watched by millions and inspire young athletes to follow their heroes, and their passion to take themselves and their sport to a higher level. And with the Olympics just around the corner, cycling fever is rising and sales of road bikes in the UK, for example, have rocketed as people of all ages “get” the sport and everything it can offer.
And Chiang Mai is no exception.

When I first came to Thailand in 2008, specifically for a road cycling holiday organised by my now business partner, we cycled from Chiang Rai in a large 800km loop ending the 10 spectacular days in Chiang Mai by riding up one of the local favorite rides to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. Standing high above the city looking down on Chiang Mai I vowed I would be back.

Back then in Thailand road cyclists appeared to be a rare breed of farang! Dressed in brightly coloured lycra and choosing to ride our bicycles up steep hills and for many kilometres at a time we attracted attention where ever we went. Now, just 4 years later, cycling, but specifically road cycling, has taken off here and has become a very popular sport in Thailand. Just go out on Canal road on a Tuesday or Thursday evening and you will see a large group of (mainly) Thai cyclists training hard as they fly down to San Patong and back!

Pro teams are beginning to train here. Talking advantage of the amazing diversity of terrain found in this part of Thailand; mountains and steep gradients enticing and challenging to avid cyclists, and with the weather and alluring hospitality of the Thai people and their culture, the word, among the cycling community, is getting out that this is the place to be!
True to my word that day on Doi Suthep, I am now here in Chiang Mai and happy to be able to offer cyclists the opportunity to discover what Thailand has to offer in terms of training opportunities and amazing cycling experiences. We have recently returned from a training tour around the famous Mae Hong Son Loop with a group of clients, 8 Hong Kong Tri athletes – they flew around the 500km route and up some of the steepest gradients on any cyclists wish list and they were astounded by the condition of the roads, the awesome views and the level of cycling available here.

They promised us they would be back very soon agreeing with us that this is the place where “it’s at” for road cycling!
It is our experience at Crouching Tiger Cycling Tours that more and more Foreign cyclists are coming to train and ride here and it is our intention to have Chiang Mai recognised as a hot spot in the cycling community. The combination of truly great cycling to be had here, together with the charm and captivation one feels for this country and the huge growth in the sport worldwide and things look good for Chiang Mai and cycling.

Cycling back to Chiang Mai after a long ride to Pai on to Mae Hong Son and back through Chom Thong.

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The 13th Chiang Mai Sixes Sawasdee cup

Road cycling in Chiang Mai