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Yikes! What is that?!

By Stacey Pakula
The Huntsman spider is one of the largest true spiders in the world (this does not include Tarantulas) and can be found everywhere world-wide. This particular species of Huntsman is the Giant Huntsman Spider and it is the largest Huntsman Spider species in the world - it can get close to a foot (30cm) in length!

The Huntsman Spider favors brown shaded areas such as wood and sand so they can easily camouflage into their surroundings. Although this spider looks absolutely terrifying, it is quite harmless to humans and is much more beneficial than problematic when it comes to them living inside your house!

Fun Facts:

The Huntsman spider does not build webs to catch its prey; it waits patiently for something to walk by and ambushes it!

Huntsman spiders love to eat your household pests, especially cockroaches!
Huntsman spiders have been known to eat things the same size or sometimes bigger than themselves, including mice!

The Huntsman spider comes in many shapes and sizes and has roughly 1009 separate species making up their family, the Sparassidae Family!

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Yikes! What is that?!