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Students protest sale of alcohol around the moat

Chiang Mai Mayor Tussanai Buranupakorn and Muang District Chief Chaisith Rattana-Chaisith received the complaint from student representatives.

On June 29, more than 1,000 students from 5 schools marched to Tha Pae Gate where they presented a letter to Chiang Mai Mayor Tussanai Buranupakorn and Chief of Muang District Chaisith Rattana-Chaisith to call for restrictions on the sale of liquor, pubs, karaoke bars and internet game shops near the moat.

Representatives from Yupaaraj Wittayalai College, Wattanothai Payap School, Hor Phra School, Anuban Chiang Mai School and Buddhi Sophon School gave the letter to the Mayor asking him to present the petition to Governor M.L. Panadda Diskul.

The students complained that recent incidents including vandalism of school gates and Wat Dok Euang with spray paint, marijuana found on people in the schools’ vicinity and drunk foreigners in Boonyu market have led the students to call enough, saying that the vice affects their daily lives.

They asked that the government preserve and develop the historical aspects of the ancient area, that alcohol licenses be strictly enforced and that any business distributing beer, wine and liquor be restricted from operating near school grounds.

The District Chief said the city had received the students’ complaints and commended them for getting involved in social issues. He said that the petition would be passed on to the Governor for discussion. (Photos courtesy of the Chiang Mai Municipality).

More than 1,000 students from 5 schools protested against the sale of alcohol in the moat area.

New President for Chiang Mai University

The Council of Chiang Mai University chose Dr. Niwet Nantajit as the new President of CMU as the previous President, Dr. Pongsak Angkasith has finished his term. Asst. Prof. Dr. Niwet is the current Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Chairman of the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Foundation. A Chiang Mai University alumni,in 2010 he was selected as “Outstanding Alumni” by the Chiang Mai University Alumni Association.

“Who is in your schoolyard?” Or “PTIS brings the farm yard to the school yard”

The Three-Generation Farm exists as an educational resource for Prem International School students and showcase of traditional agriculture and rural lifestyles for all of the visitors that step onto its soil. It thrives to seed interest in the minds of every generation, encourage upward growth and watch as its participant’s blossom into passionate ambassadors for a sustainable future within agriculture and healthy lifestyle choices.

PTIS Students get the chance to enjoy tending and working with goats on the PTIS farm.

The Three-Generation Farm has a lot to offer its visitors but what is it that attracts participants the most? The beautiful setting? Well it does have that. Educational value? Of course, there is so much to learn! Delicious food, made from freshly picked organic vegetables? I guess it does have that too, but there is something else the Three-Generation Farm has like no other that is definitely the main attraction, or should I say attractions.

Home to a herd of goats, they win the heart of every visitor and draw in crowds from across school, Chiang Mai, Thailand and the world. The boarding students adopt them as pets which they attentively take care of everyday after lessons, the farm volunteers cry when it’s time to move on and say goodbye to them. The young farmer members drag their parents to the farm to meet them. It is without doubt the interrelated effects that the goats have on visitors, but furthermore, they play an important role on the farm. Feeding on the Traidhos grounds and helping to keep vegetation to a manageable level, the goats produce manure for the vegetable beds and farm-made compost, but their purpose is much more than just that.

This year the goats have developed into a fully functional dairy herd and have helped to educate farm participants on the origin of milk. Surprisingly, something that today’s generation knows little about. Prem students have seen the female goats develop during pregnancy, have discovered the clues to indicate the onset of labour and watched the goats give birth. The goats even stand patiently whilst participants are given the chance to milk the goats and then bottle feed the kids.

But after all that, the goats offer one last thing - character. Each goat has a different personality, each visitor warms to a different goat and that is the secret to their popularity. This week, twin girls were born and they will grow up to continue this story and bring smiles to the faces of visitors from across Thailand and the world. You are welcome at anytime to visit the Three-Generation Farm and to see the goats, all you need is bamboo leaves in your hand and we guarantee they will make you smile.

The goat kids are a welcome addition to the farm.

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Students protest sale of alcohol around the moat

New President for Chiang Mai University

“Who is in your schoolyard?” Or “PTIS brings the farm yard to the school yard”