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Creature Features


The Giant Land Snail

By Stacey Paukula
CRUNCH! There’s nothing worse then hearing the sound of a snail crunching as you take a step along with the instant guilt you feel knowing you’ve just, accidentally, destroyed that snails future. But take a look at this week’s Creature Feature animal and you’ll really hope you never experience stepping on one of these giant creatures. 

The Giant Land Snail, often seen peacefully sliding across the pathway, looks quite used to this lifestyle but actually they originate from Africa.  So did the Giant Land Snail slither all the way to Thailand, or just how did it get here?

First introduced to Thailand in the hope of breeding and eating this big beast, entrepreneurs didn’t quite realize just how well these snails would breed. With the additional ability of adapting to their new environment rapidly, Giant Land Snails have quickly populated various areas and habitats within Thailand and are now known across the world as one of the top 100 invasive species.

Fun Facts

Adults can reach up to 20cms long and 7cms tall
Lifespan is around six years but some snails are been recorded living up to ten years old!
In the USA it is illegal to be found in possession of a Giant Land Snail.
Native to East Africa – Kenya and Tanzania.
Diet includes plant matter, fruits and vegetables.
Across the world people keep Giant Land Snails as pets.
Every snail has the ability to be both male and female.
In parts of Brazil, Giant Land Snails are given as an offering to the Obatala God.
Each snail can reproduce up to 200 eggs in one clutch; usually laying 5-6 clutches a year.
That’s up to 1,200 babies from just one snail every year, or 7,200 babies’ snails produced within an adult’s lifespan! Now that’s a lot of snails!

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The Giant Land Snail