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Khan Restaurant

These three dishes and abundance of naan and rice meant that we over ate and thought about taking some home!

By Heather Allen
I don’t usually travel to the Night Bazaar area for dinner but a friend of mine recommended this restaurant and since I craved Indian food a friend with a mutual craving joined me for dinner at the newly opened Khan Restaurant in the Anusarn Market. It is on the river side of the market, near all the seafood restaurants and offers an extremely clean and well-kept restaurant, the ambiance wouldn’t be for a romantic meal but then most people don’t go to the Night Bazaar for a romantic dinner!

The restaurant labels itself as Arabic, Pakistani and Indian food with a focus on Northern food as one would expect from a Pakistani restaurant. They have many of the usual standbys that we all learn to love like Tikka Masala and Korma but I would suggest you stretch your tastebuds and try something new.

We ordered the Beef Nihari which was a creamy bowl of rich red curry and tender beef, a bit spicy but mostly just delicious. I had never heard of Nihari, but I must say it was the star of what turned out to be an abundant and delicious meal. We over ordered, as one tends to do when visiting an unfamiliar restaurant, and had three dishes, averaging about 150-180 baht per dish, two orders of naan bread and a plate of rice. Well, we could have easily gotten away with one order of naan as they are very generous with their bread which tasted freshly made to me.

We also ordered a creamed spinach dish that was quite tasty and fulfilled our need for some vegetables with dinner. There are quite a few Pakistani dishes on the menu as well, such as Haleem, and they offer beef, mutton and chicken dishes as well as quite a few vegetable dishes although we didn’t check if they are fully vegetarian or not.

Be aware that they do not serve alcohol but most people can manage at least one meal without, I would think.

All in all, my friend and I both agreed we would be back to try more of the Pakistani dishes on the menu as we enjoyed the ones we had greatly. Open daily from lunch to 10 p.m. 053281211.



Jor Pak Kad

(mustard green soup)

Pak Kad, also known as mustard greens, grows in every season and every part of Thailand. It’s cheap, delicious, easy to cook and can be cooked in many difference ways but there’s a sad story about Pak Kad and farmers. The farmers can’t really make big money from their Pak Kad farm because it grows fast every farmer wants to grow it after the harvest season while waiting for the next planting season. I used to see a farmer in Lamphun sprayed his Pak Kad farm with weed killer because no one wanted to buy more Pak Kad.
Jor Pak Kad is one of the most well-known northern dishes. Easy and simple but delicious! It can be cooked in 10 minutes!
You will need
500g of Pak kad (must be Pak Kad with flowers)
300g pork ribs
2-5 garlic cloves
3-5 TSP tamarind juice
500ml water
1 TBS Pla ra (Fermented fish)
Deep fried garlics, shallots and dry chilies
Fish sauce to taste
Now let’s cook!

Boil water then add 2-5 crushed cloves of garlic, the pla ra and pork ribs. Once the ribs are tender add the Pak Kad. Flavor to taste with tamarind juice, fish sauce, deep fried garlic and shallots. Remove from heat. Deep fried chilies are always eaten with Jor Pak Kad to make it spicier but you can add as you wish. Add a little bit of this and that, some recipe add sugar and you can also use fresh tamarind instead of tamarind juice but the skin has to be removed by boiling in hot water and then just add it in the soup.

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