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The Golden Tree Snake

By Stacey Pakula
The Golden Tree Snake is one of the most beautiful snakes in Thailand. They are also known as Flying Snakes due to their exceptional gliding abilities! The Golden Tree Snake is unmistakable and are generally a bright green color with a black checkered pattern on it.

Although this snake is said by most to be non-venomous, the truth is it actually is a venomous snake and has rear fangs in the back of their mouth – not like most venomous snakes with front fangs. However, while there is nothing to be worried about with this snake as the venom is not strong enough to do any serious harm to humans, it should not be tampered with and should be left alone if spotted. Active only during the daytime, you do not have to worry about one of these snakes crawling up into your bed with you in the middle of the night.

Fun Facts:
This snake can leap from tree to tree just like gliding squirrels or lizards!
The favorite food of this snake is the Tokay Gecko!
At full maturity the Golden Tree Snake can reach 5 feet (150cm) in length.
The Golden Tree Snake will make a home anywhere it deems suitable, including inside your apartment!
This snake is most commonly seen sunning itself on the side of the road on a bright sunny day!

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The Golden Tree Snake