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Vol. XI No.5 - Sunday August 19 - Saturday September 1, 2012

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Update by Saichon Paewsoongnern
Bridge in Paradise: by Neil Robinson

If you come to the Bridge Club of Chiang Mai you will see some well played hands. I plan to feature a few examples over the next several issues, starting with a very nicely executed double squeeze played by Montri Wongkhamla, partnering Stewart Simpson. These were the hands:

  S: A10  
  H: 65  
  D: A853  
  C: AQJ63  
S: 6543   S: QJ82
H: A   H: 98432
D: J106   D: Q72
C: K9875    
  C: 4  
  S: K97  
  H: KQJ107  
  D: K94  
  C: 102  

tThe NS hands have 27 high card points. So it looks like they have an easy 3N contract making ten tricks (two spade tricks, three hearts, two diamonds and three clubs). However, Montri and Stewart had optimistically explored towards slam, eventually signing off in 5N. This left Montri, sitting South as declarer, with the task of making more than the ten tricks apparently available. West led the three of spades, to dummy’s ten, East’s jack and taken by declarer in hand with the king. Declarer then led the ten of clubs, ducked all round (it does not help West to cover). Now came another club to the jack and East was in trouble already. Not wanting to reduce his spade or diamond holding, he discarded a low heart. Declarer then led a heart from board to the king and ace. West led back another spade, won by the ace on board. Declarer ran four more rounds of hearts, leaving only four cards in each hand, as shown below:

  S: -  
  H: -  
  D: A8  
  C: AQ  
S: -   S: Q
H: -   H: -
D: J10   D: Q72
C: K9   C: -
  S: 9  
  H: -  
  D: K94  
  C: -  

West had to keep two clubs, to prevent dummy winning both the ace and queen, so was forced to come down to just two diamonds. East was still guarding diamonds, but watch what happened next. Montri led a low diamond to board and then the ace of clubs. East, squeezed in spades and diamonds, had a choice of ways to commit suicide. Throwing the queen of spades would make declarer’s nine good. Throwing a diamond would set up declarer’s diamonds. At the table East chose to discard the spade. Declarer threw the nine of diamonds, led a diamond back to hand and scored the last trick with the nine of spades, for twelve tricks (actually making the slam that he and Stewart had explored towards but not bid). Well played Montri!

Bridge Club of Chiang Mai welcomes all players and all skill levels. We have members from seventeen different countries already and run periodic beginner’s classes. For information on the Club go to the web site If you have bridge questions, or to send me your interesting hands, please contact me at: [email protected]

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Bridge in Paradise



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