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A heart full of love is looking for a home

Sienna is a one year old female with a beautiful white-red short hair coat. When she was a puppy she got hit by a car and sadly one of her legs had to be amputated. But this does not stop her from running around and playing with other dogs, for sure you would not think that she had this little handicap.

Sienna is a little bit shy at the beginning until she gets to know you but once this line is crossed you will have with her a loyal and loving companion. Sienna is sterilised and vaccinated and eagerly awaits that someone special who does not mind her looking a bit different, and who can offer her a caring and permanent home.

As she sometimes gets a bit bullied by other dogs at the shelter it will be great if her new home will just have a few or no other dogs. Come and meet her at the shelter and see what a match she can be for you! Call the Care for Dogs shelter on 0847 52 52 55 (English) or 0869 13 87 01 (Thai) or e-mail contact

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A heart full of love is looking for a home