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XI No.6 - Sunday September 2 - Saturday September 15, 2012

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Noise pollution
Dear Emma,
I live near a restaurant that opened in my neighborhood a few months ago and at first, all was fine. But now, they have decided to bring in a very loud live band that plays until very late at night. I realize they need business but this is a quiet residential neighborhood and their open air restaurant is disturbing everyone in the moo baan. I have talked to my neighbors and while they are also very unhappy with the noise as there are many families in the neighborhood they don’t want to make trouble or get into trouble with the owner of the restaurant. Emma, I am at a loss as to what to do. Luckily for me I am just a renter and am considering moving out. I feel very bad for my landlady though, as she needs the money to pay her mortgage on the house and I can’t imagine anyone would voluntarily move in next door to this racket.
Is there anything that can be done?
Dear Headache,
I feel your pain, I really do. But I am afraid it is up to the owners of the homes in this moo baan to complain to the management of the development to have the restaurant warned. It is possible for them to call a meeting and have it dealt with but it requires the political will to do so. As a renter you have no legal rights to dictate development policy or attend board meetings unless you are doing so on behalf of the owner of the house.
You can talk to your landlady and tell her that you can’t sleep. You could consider calling the police and having it shut down. This may or may not work. I do know that the Chiang Mai Provincial Government is driving to end these kinds of nuisances around Chiang Mai so perhaps consider getting the neighbors into presenting a petition to the Governor, I believe his office accepts petitions in front of the City Hall on Tuesday mornings.

Waiting for the right lady
Dear Emma,
I met this woman, she seems really nice and she has a good job. Her parents are quite well off and seem to be happily and prosperously retired. We have been dating for about 6 months and I really like her. She is an older lady, only a few years younger than me. Her husband died in a terrible car accident a few years ago and she seems reluctant to let herself feel anything more than friendship for me. I think we are very compatible and I like her very much. I don’t know what I can do so that she will trust me enough to feel that we can stay together.
Wishing for more
Dear Wishing,
All you can do is persevere. If she is worth having then she is worth waiting for. Continue to show your affection and kindness. Continue to respect her boundaries and treat her with compassion. Only by showing and doing can anything ever be accomplished. She will learn to trust you if you earn her trust.

Mold and mildew
Dear Emma,
Well it seems the rainy season is fully upon us and I find things mildewing. From my shower curtain (ick thinking of buying a new one) to my towels. I do my washing but nothing ever gets fully dry. How can I combat this mold and mildew that is taking over my life?!
Green and it’s not envy
Dear Green,
Yes indeed, it is rainy season and nothing gets very dry. However! There are some solutions. First off, take your clothes to a Laundromat with a dryer! The Mishy Mashy on Huay Kaew has dryers for instance. Check around and you will see there are more than a few that do. It costs extra but then your clothes are fully dry and won’t get that awful musty smell.
As for the shower curtain, well, I confess, mine is a bit green too and I have been putting off the necessary. Take it down off the rails and wash it thoroughly with a sponge and warm water. Then spray it with a vinegar and water solution. If the smell is too much, hang the shower curtain outside while the vinegar goes to work on the mold. To prevent mold from forming on your new curtain, fill up the bathtub with about ten centimetres of water, pour in a big bottle of white vinegar and soak the curtains in the mixture for a few hours.

Tagging on Facebook
Dear Emma
Like many in the world, or perhaps it’s everyone! I have a Facebook account. I do like it as it lets me keep up with my friends and family more easily. However, I don’t understand these people who tag me in some random photo that has nothing to do with me! I understand they think it’s a worthy reason or cause but usually it comes across as self –aggrandizing behavior that alienates most. I quickly untag myself but it is so persistent and pervasive that I am seriously considering removing one particular serial tagger as a friend permanently. What is this all about? Do they honestly think that it’s necessary?
Tagged out
Dear Tagged,
I do know what you mean. I don’t know the answer, but I suspect that yes, they do think it’s necessary that the world know all about their photo. You could consider sending the serial tagger a message asking him or her to stop and letting them know you don’t appreciate being tagged randomly. Tell them something along the lines of, “thank you, I see your posts already so there really is no need to tag me in photos, thanks. I would prefer if you stopped.” Being nice first may get the results you desire. If the serial tagger continues, then unfriend them! Who knew that online social networking would be as fraught with perils as face to face interaction?



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