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Bridge in Paradise: by Neil Robinson

When your partner has opened and you make a jump bid in a new suit, that is a jump shift. Traditionally this was used to show a strong hand. However, a strong jump shift is not a very useful bid—it uses up bidding room and there are other ways of showing strength. Consequently many pairs now use a jump shift instead for a hand at the opposite extreme—very weak and only able to play in the bid suit.

If you make a weak jump shift you expect your partner to pass. Not only do you describe your hand to your partner, but by jumping you may well preempt the opponents, making it harder for them to find the right contract.

A hand played on Bridge Base Online and reported by Andrew Robson illustrates the value of the weak jump shift. This was the hand, with North as dealer:

  S: K632  
  H: AJ432  
  D: -  
  C: AJ106  
S: QJ109   S: A875
H: 10765   H: Q98
D: AK73   D: Q10652
C: Q   C: K
  S: 4  
  H: K  
  D: J984  
  C: 9875432  

At both tables bidding started with North opening 1H. At Table One this was passed out. North struggled, but could only make five heart tricks (making the low hearts by ruffing diamonds led by the opposition) and the ace of clubs, for down one.

At Table Two the bidding was much more lively. South, recognising that his hand was only of value in clubs, made a weak jump shift. Opposition bidding then pushed NS into a doubled slam as shown below:

North East South West
1H P 3C Dbl
5C 5D P P
6C Dbl All pass  

West, on lead, tried to cash a high diamond. This was ruffed in dummy. Then a heart was led to the king in hand and a low club led back to the ace in hand. Declarer was no doubt pleased to see both outstanding trumps fall together. The ace of hearts was led, allowing declarer to discard his singleton spade.

Now a low heart was ruffed in hand, felling the queen. A second diamond was ruffed on board, then the remaining diamonds could be discarded on the jack and long heart. Declarer’s hand now contained only trumps and he could claim all thirteen tricks.

Thus NS were down one in a one level contract at one table and made a doubled slam with an overtrick at the other! This shows the power of distribution and of finding the fit—-in this case using a weak jump shift to get there.

Bridge Club of Chiang Mai welcomes all players. We have members from seventeen different countries already. For information on the Club go to the web site If you have bridge questions, or to send me your interesting hands, please contact me at: [email protected]

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Bridge in Paradise