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Creature Features


The Giant Katydid

By Stacey Pakula
BZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTT!!!! If it is not a Cicada that you hear at night making this deafening buzzing noise, it is most definitely one of these giant grasshopper-looking bugs, a Katydid!

The Giant Katydid looks a bit scary, but they are very gentle bugs that stay motionless during the day to hide from trouble. By night time they become very active either hunting for food or trying to attract a mate! Katydids are related to grasshoppers, so they look similar, but the long antennae and leaf-like appearance of the wings are the characteristics that distinguish them from their look-a-like relatives!

Finding one during the day can prove to be quite a challenge, but if you go out at night to look for one of these creatures it will not be hard at all! Just follow your ears! More than likely you will find them inside a bush or sitting on top amongst the leaves, so get your flashlight and go looking!

Fun Facts:
The Katydid family contains over 6,400 species!
The male Giant Katydid has sound producing organs on the hind of their wings which they create sound by rubbing together!
It is believed to be one of the loudest insects on the planet!
The female is equipped with a long sword-like egg-laying organ which they use to lay their eggs inside rotting wood!

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The Giant Katydid