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Not just for bikers

Rider’s Corner is easily found at the Sriphoom corner on Moon Muang Road.

By Shana Kongmun

As you come around the Sirphoom corner on Moon Muang Road you can’t help but notice the Riders Bar right there on the corner. And like me, you may have assumed it was a bar just for people who ride big bikes. Well, while it is true that people who like to ride big bikes visit the bar, don’t let that stop you from slowing down before you hit that curve, look for a parking space and dropping in.

This cozy place is more than just a bar, offering a tasty menu with Thai and western food including steak, stew with dumplings, burgers and sandwiches. The chef used to work at a very well-known local restaurant, and frankly, it shows. The steak was ordered medium rare and came out cooked to perfection. Not the easiest thing to find. It was tender and tasty and very reasonable at 280 Baht including mashed potatoes and vegetables.

The stew with dumplings was clearly made well in advance, as it should be. Slow cooked, the beef in the stew was tender and falling apart (but not mushy!) and the carrots and potatoes still slightly firm and not overdone. I confess to a dislike of those large pieces of onions often chucked into the crock-pot when stew is made and I was delighted to find there were none in my stew. The dumplings were tasty but we had to explain to a Thai friend how they were different from Thai dumplings. Both dishes came with a nice whole wheat roll to soak up the juices.

A friend ordered the pumpkin soup and it was as a pumpkin soup should be, creamy and rich. It also came with a roll. Another of our group ordered the BLT and again, it was done right. The bacon was cooked just right, neither soggy nor overly cooked. Heaped generously with bacon, and of course lettuce and tomatoes, cheese was also an option. Best of all were the extremely tasty home fries served on the side. Neither oily nor soggy, they were tasty and chunky.

The prices extremely reasonable, the stew was only 160 baht and worth every baht of it. The atmosphere is cozy with old fashioned wagon wheel tables, friendly staff that managed to take the orders without hovering, served the food in a timely manner and cleared up quickly.

Don’t expect a fancy dinner, but you can expect a simple, tasty, reasonably priced one. Easily located at 357 Moon Muang Road, it can’t be missed as you go past the House and turn at the corner. (0) 87 0481 787.

The stew with dumplings was tasty and generous with the meat done well, the potatoes and carrots cooked just so.



Lost your spirit?

There are 32 guardian spirits protecting each of us. We’ll get sick and have bad luck if we lose even one of them. If we are gone from home for a long time or have an accident we Northerners believe we will lose a guardian spirit.

‘Soo Kwan’ is a ceremony to call our lost guardian spirit back. Personally, I call it mental adjustment therapy. For the ceremony we must have a boiled chicken for the sacrifice, after finishing the ceremony we always make it into ‘Yam Jin Kai’.

Base soup ingredients include one whole cleaned chicken, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves.

Yam Jin Kai ingredients include dry chili powder, pounded garlic, chopped galangal, spring onion, coriander and Vietnamese coriander with fish sauce to taste.

First of all boil the chicken with salt, lemongrass, a few slices of galangal and kaffir lime leaves. Keep boiling until its cooked then remove from the broth and shred it into small pieces.

Add the shredded chicken back into the broth and add pounded dry chili, chopped shallots, galangal, spring onion, coriander and Vietnamese coriander. Add a little fish sauce to taste and feel your spirits rise!

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