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Coaching football for the Early Years children

A CAS learning experience

Josh has been coaching the younger kids in football at Traidhos Football Academy.

By Joshua R
For the past two years, I worked with the Traidhos Football Academy helping to coach the youngest football players at our school: the three- to six-year old football team. After having played with the Academy for two years, I was offered the opportunity to develop my coaching with one of the younger teams. I provided assistance, in demonstrating skills, movements, and helped to manage the fifteen frisky young athletes. By coaching the team I provided a service both to the football academy and to the children themselves.

Once a week the team met to have a full two-hour training session. These sessions usually consisted of a warm-up and stretch, then about an hour of focused skill training. This includes SAQ (speed, agility and quickness), passing, defending, technical skills and shooting: all essential in order to become successful football players.

Football is a sport that I have played nearly all my life and it has been part of my development into adulthood. Playing football has given me a significant amount of benefits throughout my life. The longest time I have spent in one country at a time is three years. Everywhere I went, I was the ‘new kid’ and playing football allowed me to connect with many people, and helped me make friends and establish relationships wherever I have been.

I have one younger brother, a total of sixteen cousins, of whom I am the oldest, and my mother is a pre-school teacher with a class of twenty-three students. Throughout my life I have been considered a role model of some form, either to family, or to children like the Early Years football academy team. I enjoyed being around them and I enjoyed being someone they could look up to for advice, especially when that advice concerned a sport I love to play myself.

I love playing football, and I hope I helped these young children develop the passion I found in playing football at their age as well.

Swedish University seeks closer ties with CMU

Dr. Lena Person, the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dr. Eva Granath, International Co-Ordinator, Kristianstad University Sweden visited Chiang Mai University on September 3, 2012 and were welcomed by Professor Dr. Pongsak Angkasith, President of Chiang Mai University. The aim of the visit is to seek for further collaboration focusing on Nursing and Economics.

Traidhos introduces a wellness program initiative

The newly created Traidhos Wellness Programs hopes to engage parents, students, teachers, employees and the public in fun and supportive activities that lead to healthier lifestyles in body, mind and spirit in our very own community setting.

Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning has the vision to live up to its name: to be a community where people of all ages are able to learn, to be a center of learning in our community. Personal development is at the forefront of this vision thus the creation of the Traidhos Wellness Programs. For those of you that do not recognize the name of Traidhos Community, it is the home of the Prem Tinsulanonda International School located in Mae Rim.

Yoga classes, a bicycle club, wellness workshops, weekly organic vegetable box delivery (ISAC), line-dancing and community outreach programs are some of the initial offerings being implemented in the 2012-13 school year with many more creative offerings in the making.

Traidhos community and the public can visit the Wellness page ( of the Traidhos website to learn more about our current offerings, schedules and costs. Most wellness classes will be presented at the Village Center in the VSP classrooms. Outside activities such as Traidhos Bicycle Club, will also announce their specific dates, meeting places and destinations on the webpage. For easy access, the Community Bulletin Board located at the Administration Building will also display posters of all ongoing Wellness programs.

Some of the first wellness offerings to be launched in Term 1 are Jivamukti Yoga with certified instructor Casey Gramaglia. Classes will commence Monday through Friday’s with both a morning and evening session to suite many yoga enthusiasts schedules.

Your Saturdays don’t have to be just a day to catch up on errands, come explore a few hours amidst the local Lanna countryside by joining in the monthly Traidhos Bicycle Club with Adam Peacock or enjoy the high energy, heart pumpin’, calorie burnin’ fun of Line-dancing with Rene Wuite! Both activities welcome families to came and join along!

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) partnership between Traidhos Community and the Institute of Sustainable Agricultural Communities (ISAC) will resume once again providing community members with weekly fresh produce boxes direct from the farm providing an assortment of regional and seasonal veggies, herbs, fruit, eggs, baked goods, honey or teas! Three-Generation Farm Director, Chrissie Bleach has organized this healthy enterprise.

Traidhos Wellness Programs welcomes anyone with a talent, skills, hobby or other interest that they would like to share with other members of the community to contact Traidhos Community President, Lynda Rolph, with your offerings.

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Coaching football for the Early Years children

Swedish University seeks closer ties with CMU

Traidhos introduces a wellness program initiative