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XI No.8 - Sunday September 30 - Saturday October 13, 2012

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Update by Saichon Paewsoongnern



Do age differences matter?

Dear Emma,

I don’t want to be a clich้ but I have met a lovely younger woman that I really like quite a bit. She seems to like me too but given that I am almost 20 years older than me I can’t help but wonder if I am being an old fool, or if it could really be love? I know there’s no fool like an old fool and there seem to be many of those in Thailand. I don’t want to be a fool but then neither do I want to give up an opportunity for happiness.

What should I do? She does have a good job, is college educated and seems interested. Should I go for it?

A fool for love

Dear Fool,

Only you can know how to proceed but if you are already worried maybe you should listen to your gut. Yes, the stories are real, and while she may not be that kind of person, caution is not always best thrown to the wind, either in love or in finances. So, my advice to you would be to take it slowly. If she moves fast into a serious relationship then you need to look at why. But yes it is possible for bigger age differences to find true love with each other and without it becoming a financial transaction.


Love my treats!

Dear Emma,

I love Thai food and the variety here in Chiang Mai but do love to indulge myself from time to time with western goodies. Budget doesn’t always allow it to be expensive but even sometimes just the small things from home help. I guess there is a reason they call it comfort food! I know about Rimping which has an amazing selection of food and drinks but it’s a bit far for me and I don’t have transportation. Is there some place in town that is easier to get to?


Dear Hungry,

Rimping does actually deliver! If you spend more than 1000 Baht they will deliver for free to your home. Although you do have to get there, the one on the river is easily accessible by songthaew as is the one on Mahidol. Tops also delivers and the one in Kad Suan Kaew is quite centrally located. I believe their limit is also around 1000 Baht. Finally, there is the small Kasem store on Nimmanhaemin near Soi Sukkasem, which has not only a surprisingly good selection of western food items packed into a small space but is also easily accessed as is the larger Kasem store near Kad Luang (Waroros Market). The Kasem store also has a fantastic bakery, really great breads and cakes as well as super friendly owners and staff.


TV is sorely lacking!

Dear Emma,

I am staying at a condo and get WETV. Granted, I am only paying 350 Baht a month for it so feel like I am hardly allowed to complain but really, it mostly just seems to be a waste of the 350 baht! There are two movie channels in English now (used to be three) and they often show the same moves over and over. But worse is Universal and the Scifi channel which repeatedly recycle the same episodes over and over and SciFi shows some of the worst movies you can possibly imagine.

Then there is Channel V which should just be renamed Korean music channel it would seem. I gather that K-pop is popular in Asia but the rotation of it is so heavy I don’t even bother. Great that there is BBC and Al Jazeera, and Australian TV can be good sometimes but mainly, its just the same stuff over and over again.

I know there is TRUE visions but I am not sure I can get it in my condo and not sure I am that committed to tv to pay as much as it costs to get the good channels.

I wish there was someone at WETV who would listen but well, half the time the website doesn’t work and I know what complaining gets you. So, instead, I will complain to you dear Emma!

Tv’d out

Dear TV,

I understand! I do! And sadly, I have no solution. I, too, am stuck with the WETV dilemma. I confess to using a proxy to watch streaming TV on my internet when its good but so often it buffers and doesn’t really work that well.

I share your frustration with the TV choices we have here but alas, you are right. There isn’t a lot that can be done.


Romantic night out?

Dear Emma,

My lovely wife and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary soon, she deserves the best and I would like to take her out for something really nice and very romantic without any of those frustrating lapses in service you find so often. Do you have any recommendations for a romantic atmosphere?

Still in love!

Dear Love,

There are indeed many places to eat, some with romantic locations but not so romantic service or romantic locations and not so romantic atmosphere or any combination of the above. I like Le Crystal. It is on the river, you can sit on the terrace and sip fine wine and eat delicious French food with impeccable service. You do pay for this of course, but since you want only the best, I must say it is where Emma would like to be taken were she to have as lovely a man as you!

Another option for all of the above is the Four Seasons out in Mae Rim, the Chedi on the river is also another fantastically beautiful location for a romantic dinner with good food and service.

And congratulations to you and your wife on a very happy anniversary!




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